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Replace that scuffed rubber wedge that's now holding your door open with this stylish Heavy Door Stop from Blomus
design. The door stop epitomizes the Blomus philosophy that good design is both simple to use and beautiful to look at. Elegantly designed of solid stainless steel, the heavy 4.5 pound, 3.5 inches in diameter cylinder sits firmly on the floor, holding even an industrial-weight door open or keeping a door from slamming back too far against a wall. Black, non-skid rubber covers the base to keep it steady and bands the top to protect doors from getting scratched. No installation is required.

* Elegant but heavy door stop holds even industrial doors open
* Made of solid stainless steel in matte finish
* Black, non-skid rubber base and sides protect floors and doors
* Modern Blomus design brings style and function to the home or office

Technical Specs:
* Measures 3.5 inches in diameter
* Weighs 4.5 pounds
* Made in Germany