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BLACKFOOT - LIVE IN SCANDINAVIA 1982              Live Concert, Inc 2 Extra Songs Live In Germany* !!!

Rattlesnake Rock and Roller - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme - On The Run - Train, Train - Wishing Well - Every Man Should Know - Dust My Broom - Fly Away - Too Hard To Handle - Highway Song - Street Fighter* - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme*
Rickey Medlocke - Greg T. Walker - Jackson "Thunderfoot" Spiers - Charlie Hargrett

Blackfoot is a Southern rock band from Jacksonville, Florida formed in 1970. Though they are a Southern rock band, at their peak, they were more popular as a hard rock band
They had a number of hit albums in the 1970s and early 1980s (including Strikes (1979), Tomcattin' (1980) and Marauder (1981).
The original lineup broke apart by late 1985, though not before former Uriah Heep keyboardist/songwriter Ken Hensley had joined the group during their last couple of years together.
Early years
In the spring of 1969, Rickey Medlocke and Greg T. Walker met former New York City native Charlie Hargrett in Jacksonville and formed the band Fresh Garbage with Ron Sciabarasi on keyboards, Rick on drums and vocals, Greg on bass and Hargrett on lead guitar, playing mostly at The Comic Book Club on Forsyth St. In downtown Jacksonville and with their friends The One Percent(who would soon rename to Lynyrd Skynyrd) at the Sunday afternoon "be-ins" in the local parks.
That fall, Sciabarasi left Fresh Garbage and lead guitarist Jerry Zambito (ex-Tangerine) joined as a new band, Hammer, was formed with Medlocke on lead vocals fronting the band (playing almost no guitar); Greg T. Walker on bass and backup vocals; Jakson Spires, from Tangerine, on drums and backup vocals; DeWitt Gibbs, also from Tangerine, on Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, and backup vocals; and Hargrett on lead guitar. They soon relocated to Gainesville, Florida to be the house band at the near-legendary Dub's, a topless bar on the outskirts of town.
In the early spring of 1970, the band, after hearing of another band on the West Coast named Hammer, decided to change their name to Blackfoot to reflect the Native American heritage of Walker, Spires and Medlocke (Spires is part Cherokee, Medlocke part Sioux, while Walker's blood ties are to the Eastern Creek Florida Indians). By this time, the troop had moved to Manhattan after a friend, who was working in a music publishing company, told her boss about the band and he had them relocate to New York City. But when that connection failed to pan out, Gibbs quit the band and Medlocke began playing rhythm guitar full time. Thus was born the classic lineup of Blackfoot.
In the spring of 1971, Medlocke and Walker accepted an offer to join Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot broke up, for the time being. There was a brief attempt to regroup in 1972, but Medlocke ended up returning to Lynyrd Skynyrd while Walker joined The Tokens, who soon changed their name to Cross Country. Hargrett remained up north living in Hackettstown, New Jersey. In August 1972, Blackfoot's old friend and roadie, John Vassiliou, showed up in town with Reidsville, North Carolina. bassist Lenny Stadler from the band Blackberry Hill. Hargrett decided to move to North Carolina and invited Medlocke, who'd left Skynyrd, to reform Blackfoot with Stadler on bass and Jakson Spires on drums. Danny Johnson (later with Derringer and Steppenwolf), from a Louisiana group, Axis, was brought in as second guitarist. But Medlocke soon decided to be both front man and guitarist again, so Johnson only lasted a short time.
In the summer of 1973, Stadler left the band after a tumor was discovered on one of his lungs. Fortunately, the tumor disappeared. But Stadler decided to leave secular music to join a gospel group. He eventually became a Methodist minister. Greg T. Walker was invited to rejoin at this juncture and the classic Blackfoot lineup was reborn.
By 1974, the band had returned their base of operations to the Northeast(to Northern New Jersey) and Medlocke developed nodes on his vocal cords and temporarily lost his voice. Another singer, Patrick Jude, was brought into the band. After a short time, Medlocke was able to sing again and Jude was dropped. Soon after, Medlocke and Walker sent producers/session players Jimmy Johnson and David Hood a copy of Blackfoot's material. Johnson and Hood had worked with Medlocke and Walker in Muscle Shoals, Alabama when they were there recording with Skynyrd. No Reservations was released on Island Records in 1975 and their second album, Flying High, came out on Epic Records in 1976. Both were produced by Johnson and Hood.
Mid 1970s
By late 1975, the group was living back in Florida. In 1977 they contacted Black Oak Arkansas' manager, Butch Stone, who took them on as the backing group for one of his clients, Ruby Starr, who had been a backup singer for Black Oak but was now going out on her own. After the stint with Ruby ended in 1978, they met Brownsville Station manager Al Nalli and his partner Jay Frey, who got them signed to Atco Records.
Blackfoot Strikes, produced by Al Nalli and engineered by Brownsville Station drummer Henry Weck, was recorded in Nalli's basement studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was completed by January 1979. It was destined to be the band's most commercially successful effort. "Train, Train", written by Rickey's grandfather, Shorty Medlocke, became their first hit and best known song. "Highway Song" proved to be another hit for them later that year.
The group toured heavily throughout 1979 and ended the year opening for The Who at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan while working on their next album, Tomcattin, which was released in 1980. Marauder followed in 1981, as did Highway Song Live in 1982.
In the early 80s the "southern rock" genre was thought to be passe, so the band began looking to change their sound somewhat. They decided to add keyboards to the group once again. Organist Ken Hensley (ex-Uriah Heep) was contacted and agreed to join in 1983 in time for their next record, Siogo. But the poor sales for Siogo had the band thinking they might have to "modernize" their look for the new MTV generation. It was thought that maybe Hargrett with his more "biker type" appearance might not fit into the new look. Hargrett reluctantly decided to step down in January 1984 and was not present on their next effort, Vertical Smiles, which had been recorded in Atlanta with former Yes engineer Eddie Offord. This album was rejected by Atco and sent back for retooling. But the retooled version, which finally appeared in October 1984, also failed to sell.
Ken Hensley, not used to Blackfoot's heavy tour schedule, left by late 1984 and was replaced by former Axe singer/guitarist Bobby Barth. But by December 1985, with their popularity waning and quality bookings drying up, the band decided to call it quits. In February 1986, the Blackfoot company was dissolved and the others walked away while Medlocke decided to continue with a brand new lineup that included Doug Bare (keyboards, synths, backup vocals), Wizzard (bass, backup vocals) and Harold Seay (drums, percussion). On their 1987 album Rick Medlocke and Blackfoot (released on the Wounded Bird label), the new grouping was exploring a more radio friendly 80s rock sound with their former southern rock approach now all but gone. Many of the group's fans were not all that happy with the changes and newer fans were slow to materialize.
In 1988, Wizzard and Seay were out and Gunnar Ross (drums, percussion), bassist Mark Mendoza and Neal Casal (guitar) were in. Mendoza left by the end of the year and Rikki Mayer (ex-Lizzy Borden) took over bass in early 1989.
[edit] 1990s
In 1990 a new release, Medicine Man, was put out on the independent Loop label.
By 1992, Medlocke had revamped the lineup yet again and hired three other players: Benny Rappa (drums, percussion), Mark Woerpel (an ex-Whiteface guitarist who had done some studio work for Medlocke on earlier albums) and Tim Stunson on bass. Another new album, After the Reign, was released in 1994 on the Wildcat label and, like Medicine Man, was enthusiastically greeted by fans as more of a return to form. 1994 also saw the release of the Rhino Records collection Rattlesnake Rock N' Roll: The Best of Blackfoot.
By 1996, Blackfoot was: Medlocke, Stet Howland, John Housley (from Ragady Ann) on lead and rhythm guitar and Bryce Barnes (from Edwin Dare) on bass guitar. That same year, Medlocke rejoined Lynyrd Skynyrd, this time as a guitarist. But he continued to tour with Blackfoot honoring all dates booked through 1997 then disbanded the group to concentrate on Skynyrd full time.
Live On The King Biscuit Flower Hour, a 1983 concert recording, was released in early 1998, and EMI released Live in 2000, also culled from the band's heyday.
In 2004 a second resurrection of Blackfoot took place with founding members Jakson Spires, Greg T. Walker and Charlie Hargrett. Medlocke was not available, so the vocals role was given to Bobby Barth. In March 2005, Spires died suddenly of an aneurysm, but the band decided to persevere for the time being. Following the will of Spires, Austrian drummer Christoph Ullmann was hired as the new drummer.
In 2006, the band toured and was joined by Southern Rock All Stars' Jay Johnson (the son of Jimmy Johnson, their original co-producer) on guitar and vocals after Barth was sidelined for a shoulder and neck operation. Barth returned to the stage later that year. In November 2006, Ullman left to return to Austria and was succeeded by Mark McConnell. In April 2007, Blackfoot let Johnson go. That year, the band toured and consisted of bassist Walker, Hargrett, Barth and drummer Michael Sollars. Later that year a live DVD was released. In 2009, Scott Craig took over as drummer.
Band members
Current members
    * Bobby Barth, guitars, vocals
    * Greg T. Walker, bass, backing vocals
    * Charlie Hargrett, guitars
    * Scott Craig, drums, percussion
Former members
    * Rickey Medlocke, vocals, guitars, mandolin
    * Jakson Spires, drums, percussion, backing vocals
    * Dewitt Gibbs, keyboards, backing vocals
    * Leonard Stadler, bass
    * Danny Johnson, guitar
    * Patrick Jude, vocals
    * Ken Hensley, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
    * Doug Bare, keyboards, backing vocals
    * Wizzard, bass, backing vocals
    * Rikki Mayer, bass, backing vocals
    * Gunnar Ross, drums, percussion
    * Mark Mendoza, bass
    * Bryce Barnes, bass
    * Mark Woerpel, guitars, synthesizer
    * Christoph Ullmann, drums, percussion
    * Jay Johnson, guitars, vocals
    * Tim Stunson, bass
    * Neal Casal, guitars
    * Harold Seay, drums, percussion
    * Benny Rappa, drums, percussion
    * Stet Howland, drums, percussion
    * John Housley, guitar
    * Mark McConnell, drums, percussion
    * Michael Sollars, drums, percussion
    * Jerry James, guitar
Studio albums
    * No Reservations (1975)
    * Flying High (1976)
    * Strikes (1979)
    * Tomcattin' (1980)
    * Marauder (1981)
    * Siogo (1983)
    * Vertical Smiles (1984)
    * Rick Medlocke and Blackfoot (1987)
    * Medicine Man (1990)
    * After the Reign (1994)
UNITED STATES , Florida, Jacksonville *Date Formed* 1970 View Gallery Categories: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock BLACKFOOT Current Members * *Bobby Barth 2004- Present* - BABYFACE , RED ROCK ROOSTER , AXE Guitar / Vocals * *Greg T. Walker * - HAMMER , FRESH GARBAGE Bass * *Charlie Hargrett * - BLACK MOLLY , HAMMER , FRESH GARBAGE , MAX RUSH , BLACKBERRY HILL Guitar Past Members * *Ruby Starr 1977- 1978* - RUBY STARR , BLACK OAK ARKANSAS Vocals * *Lenny Stadler Aug 1972- Sep 1972* - BLACKBERRY HILL Bass * *Danny Johnson 1972- 1972* - ALICE COOPER , AXIS , REXX AND JOHNSON , RICK DERRINGER , DERRINGER , DANNY JOHNSON , ALCATRAZZ , PRIVATE LIFE Guitar * *Mark Woerpel * - WARP DRIVE Guitar / Vocals * *Tim Stunson * - Bass * *Ricky Medlocke * - HAMMER , THE HOT WATER BLUES BAND , THE ROCKING ACES , CANDIED APPLE , MIRACLE SOUNDS , SUNDAY FUNNIES , FRESH GARBAGE , MOLLY HATCHET , LYNYRD SKYNYRD , LYNYRD SKYNYRD Drums / Guitar / Vocals * *Neal Casal * - Guitar * *Ken Hensley * - TOE FAT , THE GODS , KEN HENSLEY , THE BLUE NOTES , THE SARACENS , KEN AND THE COUSINS , THE JIMMY BROWN SOUND , SALISBURY , SHOTGUN , URIAH HEEP Keyboards / Vocals * *Patrick Jude * - Vocals * *DeWitt Gibbs * - HAMMER Keyboards * *Jackson Spires * - HAMMER , TANGERINE Drums * *Doug Bare * - EXPLOSION , BAREBACK , PAT TRAVERS , WHITEFACE Keyboards / Vocals * *Benny Rappa * - WHITEFACE Drums / Vocals * *Bob Burns * - LYNYRD SKYNYRD , LYNYRD SKYNYRD Drums * *Mark Mendoza * - THE DICTATORS , TWISTED SISTER Bass Biography 1970 to 1972 Southern Rock band that took an exodus from their Jacksonville, Florida roots to New Jersey in order to progress their career. BLACKFOOT relocated to the tri-state area in order to gig within spitting distance of the major record companies. Frontman Ricky Medlocke, adopted son of the legendary Shorty Medlocke, and drummer Jackson Spires have played music together since their school days. The versatile Medlocke's career can be traced through early bands such as THE HOT WATER BLUES BAND (as bassist), THE ROCKING ACES (as guitarist), CANDIED APPLE (as a drummer), MIRACLE SOUNDS (as a vocalist) and SUNDAY FUNNIES . As teenagers the duo went their separate ways through many bands until reuniting in an act titled FRESH GARBAGE that had Medlocke back on drums and also featured guitarist Charlie Hargrett and bassist Greg T. Walker. FRESH GARBAGE enlisted former TANGERINE members Jakson Spires on drums and Dewitt Gibbs on keyboards and renamed the group HAMMER . In early 1969 Hargrett was asked to leave and HAMMER pulled in former THE LIVIN' ENDS man Dennis Holmbeck. Graciously, Hargrett offered to teach the new recruit the guitar parts and stayed in touch with the band. Within weeks Holmbeck was out and Hargrett back in position. Epic Records picked up on HAMMER and paid for a demo but the Pop material the label wanted left the band looking for pastures new. By early 1970 the band became known as BLACKFOOT, quite an astute move as three of the band were part native American Indian. Aiming foir the big time BLACKFOOT relocated to New York with a total of seven band members and crew sharing a two room apartment. The band's inaugeration into life in the North was completed when they were arrested for posession of legal fire arms. Dewitt Gibbs quit and Medlocke moved over to rhythm guitar as BLACKFOOT's live schedule got busier. With no real money coming in BLACKFOOT had to share residence with another starving act YIEGE in New Jersey. However, shortly after Medlocke got the call to return south teaming up with LYNYRD SKYNRD although not as a vocalist but a drummer. As such he appears on LYNYRD SKYNYRD 's 'First And Last' album. Hargrett formed MAX RUSH with vocalist Tony Granito, bassist Bill Chambers and drummer Sandy Slavin (later of REX and RIOT ). The guitarist then received an invitation to join BLACKBERRY HILL , a band including bass player Lenny Stadler. 1973 to 1976 In August of 1972 Medlocke resurrected BLACKFOOT pulling in Hargrett, Spires, Stadler on bass and guitarist DANNY JOHNSON . The latter's term in BLACKFOOT was brief, he would of course come to prominence with RICK DERRINGER , AXIS , ALCATRAZZ and STEPPENWOLF . BLACKFOOT put in numerous support shows to the likes of BLACK OAK ARKANSAS , JOHNNY WINTER and POCO but fate was to deal Stadler a life changing illness. In the September the bass player fell ill and X rays revealed a lung tumour. However, just prior to surgery another X ray revealed the organ was clear. Convinced that God had intervened Stadler left the band to become a United Methodist minister. Greg T. Walker made his return to the fold and the band got around to gigging the clubs. Illness again blighted their headway as Medlocke was prevented from singing due to vocal nodes. The band brought in singer Patrick Jude but after a few months Medlocke made his eager return. BLACKFOOT got around to releasing their debut 'Reservations' in 1974. The record company, Island, virtually ignored the album though and it soon sank without trace. A label switch to Epic ensued resulting in the 'Flying High' effort. BLACKFOOT had migrated back to Florida mainly due to the North's cold winter's affecting Medlocke's health, the vocalist having had a lung removed as a child. 'Flying High' suffered once again from lack of promotion but the band did put in valuable American tour dates with KISS , PETER FRAMPTON and TED NUGENT . Further shows saw BLACKFOOT gusting for MAHOGANY RUSH and GARY WRIGHT . 1977 to 1982 In 1977 BLACKFOOT approached BLACK OAK ARKANSAS manager Butch Stone for representation. Although Stone could not oblige he did hook the band up with solo artist and ex-BLACK OAK ARKANSAS singer RUBY STARR (real name Connie Mierzwiac). The band, now billed RUBY STARR AND BLACKFOOT, toured America throughout late 1977. BLACKFOOT would generally open the show before performing a second set with Starr singing. In 1978 Starr fell in love with guitarist Fred Hodnik from a guesting band LUCY GREY and quit to remould this band into GREY STAR . It was not until 1979's 'Strikes' album, produced by BROWNSVILLE STATION drummer Henry Weck, did BLACKFOOT, now bolstered by fresh management and a new record company Atco, began to make an impact with the record going on to pull in over half a million sales eventually going platinum. The album included a version of BLUES IMAGE 's 'Pay My Dues' and launched two hit singles. Out on tour BLACKFOOT supported BLUE OYSTER CULT , AC/DC , JOURNEY , WHITESNAKE , TED NUGENT again and FOREIGNER . Although road weary, the band had been on tour for twenty two months, the group's work ethic pushed sales of the album higher and higher. BLACKFOOT also had cause to call on erstwhile member Danny Johnson after all of the band's gear was stolen. Johnson loaned guitars and amps to get them through the tour. The band rounded off the year by opening for THE WHO . Both 'Tomcattin'' and 'Maruader' gave the band gold and platinum album certificates. The 1980 American tour had BLACKFOOT back on the road opening for THE WHO again. In the Autumn they had managed to grab prestigious dates guesting on AC/DC 's mighty 'Back In Black' tour prior to the band's debut British shows with the SCORPIONS . Promoting 'Marauder' BLACKFOOT played the 1981 Castle Donington 'Monsters Of Rock' festival and further festivals in Germany. Back in America BLACKFOOT headlined over DEF LEPPARD . A tour of Europe opening for IRON MAIDEN gathered further valuable exposure upfront of a British headline tour and back to Germany as guests to the SCORPIONS again. BLACKFOOT's tireless schedule dictated another round of headline shows in America in 1982 before a return to appear at the Reading Festival in England. During their set IRON MAIDEN joined the band onstage for a 4 guitar version of ZZ TOP 's 'Tush'. 1983 to 1986 With the band becoming a big draw in Europe a live album 'Highway Song' was issued although this would not see an American release. Sales had been on a downward turn in their homeland and BLACKFOOT's management decided fresh blood was required to enliven the band. The act tried to get in touch with URIAH HEEP man KEN HENSLEY but the musician's management did not want to talk. Undaunted BLACKFOOT used a ploy of offering Hensley a Hammond organ donated by a fan if he called. The duped Hensley instead got an offer to join BLACKFOOT. The new look BLACKFOOT recorded 'Siogo' for 1983 release. Press reports from Atco Records informed the public 'Siogo' was an ancient native American word for 'brotherhood' but were none too amused to find out it was BLACKFOOT crew slang for 'Suck It Or Get Out'. Musically, Atco Records persuaded the band to try to steer away from their Rock stance and into more mellower radio friendly territory. The band's management insisted on hair cuts and the ditching of the band's familiar Southern apparel of cowboy apparel. The 'Siogo' album duly saw their American chart position ranking plummet. BLACKFOOT got back out into the public eye by touring with MOLLY HATCHET . Mid way through the tour in Kansas MOLLY HATCHET effectively folded. With a show the next day Medlocke and Hargrett were quickly drafted into MOLLY HATCHET to complete the show. Fortunately the rest of the band returned the day after. 'Siogo's lack of commercial achievement follow up 'Vertical Smiles' was to continue the trend into AOR inclined territory. The band had also decided to downplay Hargrett's role and recorded the next album without him. Whilst on tour the band were informed that the record company had rejected the album. Hargrett finally quit in January 1984. BLACKFOOT re-recorded the album, containing no less than three cover versions including the old chestnut 'Morning Dew', PETER CETERA 's 'Livin' In The Limelight' and RPM 's 'A Legend Never Dies'. The album saw contributions from AXE guitarist BOBBY BARTH . In the midst of an American tour promoting 'Vertical Smiles' BLACKFOOT dissolved. Hensley quit and was replaced by Barth whilst Hargrett was invited back but declined. With all the band members eventually walking leaving Medlocke solo. Spires joined the DIXIE ALL STARS . Latterly Spires and Walker reunited with a project titled NDN as well as gigging with the SOUTHERN ROCK ALL STARS . 1987 to 2005 The 'Ricky Medlocke's Blackfoot' album saw a radical departure in towards a Funk Rock direction and featured a radically altered band. Joining Medlocke in what was, basically, a solo adventure came former MOTHER'S FINEST bassist Wizzard and his brother Harold Seay on drums, whilst ex WHITE FACE man Doug Bare was added on keyboards. Also featured on the album would be a rousing cover of MOTHER'S FINEST 's 'Rock n' Roll Tonight', Herman Brood's 'Saturday Night' and RUSS BALLARD 's 'Liar'. The track 'Closest Thing To Heaven' featured a young female vocalist called Liz Larin, later to record an album for Atlantic herself. In addition, the album also scores additional guitar work courtesy of Wisconsin native Mark Woerpel, later to front the Melodic Hard Rock band WARP DRIVE . Medlocke would later be responsible for producing the debut WARP DRIVE album. Bare was later to join PAT TRAVERS touring band. During 1988 BLACKFOOT consisted of Medlocke, Bare, drummer Gunner Ross and ex-THE DICTATORS and TWISTED SISTER bassist Mark 'The Animal' Mendoza. However, by October 1989 BLACKFOOT's line-up comprised of Medlocke, guitarist Neal Casal, ex-LIZZY BORDEN bassist Rikki Mayr and drummer Gunner Ross. The 'Medicine Man' release saw a return to form of classic Southern tinged Hard Rock. The album includes a cover version of FREE 's 'Stealer'. The 1994 'After The Reign' album features a band line-up of Medlocke, a returning Mark Woerpel, bassist Tim Stunson and ex WHITE FACE and LIZ LARIN drummer Benny Rappa. The album featured renditions of VAN MORRISON 's 'Tupelo Honey' and BONNIE RIATT's 'The Road's My Middle Name' and a guest appearance from OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist ZAKK WYLDE on the album's title track. The late 90's found Medlocke recording with LYNYRD SKYNYRD , specifically in the band that recorded the 'Live From Steel Town' album. Medlocke subsequently held down this post for many years. Despite Medlocke's lengthy tenure with LYNYRD SKYNYRD rumours of a BLACKFOOT reunion continued. Meantime, Hargrett operated the subtly titled BLACK MOLLY with erstwhile MOLLY HATCHET singer Jimmy Farrar. In mid 2004 BLACKFOOT finally reunited, original players Greg T. Walker, Jackson Spires, Charlie Hargrett being joined by AXE frontman BOBBY BARTH . The band put in 2005 European shows at the 'Sweden Rock' and Dutch 'Arrow Rock' festivals. Tragedy struck the BLACKFOOT family when former drummer Jakson Spires suffered a massive aneurysm. Put onto life support, he would be rushed to an intensive care unit at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and Heart Institute in Fort Pierce. He died on 16th March. A BLACKFOOT gigged planned for Glasgow's Renfrew Ferry venue on 31st July was cancelled when complaints about the volume of the band's soundcheck caused the local council to curtail the gig