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Personalize and protect your BlackBerry 9500 THUNDER
9530 STORM smartphone with BlackBerry Skins. The rubberized
exterior provides you with a sure grip, protecting all corners and
sides of your smartphone against bumps and scratches. It also helps
prevent your smartphone from sliding across your car's dashboard or
other slick or angled surfaces.
BlackBerry Skins feature easy-access openings for camera,
audio input and output ports, mini-USB port, programmable
convenience keys and stereo jack. Plus, the keyboard and screen
remain uncovered, so you can type and place calls as efficiently as
Guaranteed genuine
BlacBerry OEM original product.
Blackberry part # HDW-18971-004
Comes in original Blackberry
retail packaging IF Priority mail is selected

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just taken out of retail packaging to save you a little on shipping
due to package size)

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