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Product introduction:

Brand: Aimpoint

Type: Aimpoint T - 1

Red green all five file regulation

Length: 6 cm

Fixture grip width: 20 mm

AIMPOINT the latest and most small SAO in red

As its name show that Micro series is the Aimpoint company`s

products in the minimum size of the red dot mirror

Length is only 62 mm, high 36 mm, width and mm, red dot

mirror itself weighs 84 g, coupled with a low frame weighs 105


And other Aimpoint product waterproof durable, power

consumption is low, according to Aimpoint company

announced a section CR - 1620 battery can be used for five


The series have Micro T - 1, Micro H - 1 and Micro R - 1, etc.,

appearance and performance are not obvious difference.

But their suitable for different USES. T - 1 is military police use


Due to the Micro series of axis height than the original model

is much lower, when need in some AR type with common

reserve mechanical glance,

Or to series 3 x MAG or night vision device, need to change
into a heightening of frames to Joe high axis