Item Description
This is a nicely detailed pendant featuring the Eye of Horus done in silver with a circular silver outline and black shading inside. It is a symbol of protection and also considered to confer wisdom, health and prosperity. Horus was one of the most important Egyptian gods; a sun god whose right eye was the sun and left eye was the moon. He was the son of Osiris (god of the underworld) and Isis (mother goddess). Osiris was slain by his own brother, the evil Set (god of night), and Horus fought Set to avenge his father's death. He won the battle but lost an eye in the process. The eye was restored by the magic of Thoth (god of wisdom and the moon) and this allowed Horus to grant Osiris rebirth in the underworld.The Eye of Horus symbol is used in funerary rites and decoration, as instructed in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The wounding of the left eye served as a mythical explanation of the phases of the moon, and its magical restoration meant that the left eye was usually the one used as an amulet.The pendant is made of high quality, nickel free polished pewter and measures approximately 1.5" high (3,5 cm) including clasp, and the circle has a diameter of 1.1" (2.75 cm). It comes on a 2 mm thick, extremely durable waxed black adjustable cord which can be easily altered between the lengths of 16.5" and 35" (inches) to suit the style of the person wearing it. Whether you prefer a choker-style necklace or would rather have the pendant hanging at a lower level on your chest, having an adjustable cord gives you the flexibility to wear it as you please. Would make an excellent gift or wonderful addition to your own jewelry collection :-)


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