Item Description
The Black Flame Magazine – Issue #16
International Forum of the Church of Satan
The Black Flame, the International Forum of the Church of Satan, began in 1989. It was first a quarterly newsletter, but evolved into a bi-annual magazine format (each issue being a “double issue,” containing what had been two quarters). It quickly became the world’s most widely-distributed Satanic periodical, and has been available on newsstands and by subscription. It is renowned for its review section, “Odditorium,” which features the most comprehensive listing of Satanic items to be found anywhere. Issue #16 is 64 pages long with a glossy cover with photographs and illustrations throughout. The magazine measures 8.5 x 11 inches and was published in 2005 by Hell’s Kitchen Productions Inc. and contains the following as listed in the table of contents:
Interview: Jimmy Vargas, tease… touch and noir
Interview: David E. Williams – “Catholics, Goering and Charlton Heston”
Interview: Peter Mlakar: NSK’s Satanic Technocrat
In Your Confidence: A fragmentary History of the Socialites
Dirty Books: The Insolent Dr. Bowdler, His Compatriots, and Their Fear of Blushing
Mannequin of Madness: The Story of “The Doll”
Interview: Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba
Lessons in Online Stupidity
A Satanist’s Introduction to William Blake
The Cycle – Fecundity Demands a Cruel Balance in Anthony Burgess’ The Wanting Seed
Giosue Carducci: 19th Century Poet, Statesman and Satanist
Inno a Satana (Hymn to Satan)
Interview: Gone Feral – Adam Parfrey’s Ministry of Unsafe Information
Collecting Souls in a World of Cyberjunkies
Interview: Trevor Brown
The Art of Ritual
Who Teaches the Teachers?
Satan, The Libido, and the True Nature of the Beast
Delusions of Godhood
Kiss My Satanic Ass! A Guide to the Science of Insulting
Chuckles for Tchort – The Satanic Humor of the Great Benny Hill
After the Absurd