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Armed with Creed's current location, Train strikes out on his own to exact his vengeance on the man who killed Saya. However, after an encounter with a Saya lookalike in the mountains, he decides to rejoin his compadres, and with a fleet of fellow sweepers, sets out for the island where Creed and his Apostles of the Stars are hanging about. The Chrono Numbers aren't exactly lazing around either, and the island quickly becomes the site of a three-way battle. Eve tries to set air-manipulating brat Leon on the straight-and-narrow, Sven tries to protect women according to his "gentleman's code," the sweeper team tries to find a little girl's parents, and Train finally comes face-to-face with his nemesis and would-be bosom buddy Creed. Yes indeed, a showdown does seem to be in order.Region 0Languages : English & JapaneseSubtitles : EnglishEpisodes 1-24