Item Description

BioBeam 660 Light Therapy Non-Healing Wounds Treatment

Narrow-Band Low-Level Light Treatment System

For Skin Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers, Pressure Sores, Venous Ulcers, Herpes Simplex and Post-Operative Wounds and ACNE

A new, comprehensive phototherapeutic system for
hospital, clinic, or home use.


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The BioBeam 660â„¢ for home use promote healing in chronic nonhealing wounds such as diabetic and venous ulcers, bedsores and post-operative wounds. This is an indication which affects more than five million people in the US alone, on million of which require weekly professional care and it has been found to be effective in over 80% of wound treatment cases.

What is BioBeam 660?

The BioBeam 660 is a red light medical personal device for the treatment of skin ulcers, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers and post-operative open wounds that utilizes 630 nm red light.
The BioBeam 660 heals naturally, and is therefore completely safe, painless and absolutely harmless to the skin and the user’s health and as such holds all of the relevant certificates in this regard. The BioBeam 660 is a Class IIA photo-therapeutic medical device and complies with Annex VI of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and is CE certified (CE 0473).

How does it work?

BioBeam 660 is based on the phototherapy principle of treatment with light energy, and uses a visible light source red light with a frequency of 630nm at a narrow band wavelength. This is the optimal wavelength to achieve the desired healing effect.

How should I use the BioBeam 660?

Use the BioBeam 660 treatment on a regular basis (6-7 minute treatment sessions on each infected area) with 1-2 times daily use once symptoms are relieved. Reduce the number of treatment sessions and use as needed.

Operation Modes

Pulse - short pulses of high power for maximum depth penetration Continuous wave (CW) - for maximum total power

The BioBeam 660 treatment device promotes clinically tested healing in chronic non-healing wounds such as diabetic and venous ulcers, bedsores and post-operative wounds.

The BioBeam 660 is a drug free and pain free red light handheld medical OTC device. The device emits at 630nm at two modes: Continuous Wave (CW) and/or Pulse Wave (PW).
The light penetrates up to 1.5 cm into the soft cell tissue and so acts on the entire site of the inflammation while releasing factors which stimulate fibroblast proliferation and mediators of wound repair.


The device is lightweight and portable and can be used anytime anywhere, at home or in the office



Clinical Studies  
There are several clinical studies of the BioBeam 660 treatment which shown that patients treated with the BioBeam 660 demonstrated wound improvements rates of up to 89%.
One study was done with twenty-one patients with 31 postoperative delayed open wounds resistant to conventional therapy were randomly allocated to three groups. Group 1 was treated with red low level narrow band (LLNB) light (660 nm); group 2 was treated with infrared LLNB light (940 nm); and group 3 was treated with a placebo such as the BioBeam machine (no light irradiation). Group 1 showed a significant improvement compared to group 2 and 3 (t-test).

Lasers vs. LEDs

BioBeam 660 is not a laser device but instead emits Low Level Narrow Band Red Light both at Continuous Wave (CW) and/or Pulse Wave (PW). The light although non-coherent is still effective for the treatment of skin ulcers, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers and post-operative open wounds. Therefore BioBeam 660 provides all the benefits of lasers yet at a much lower price.

Important Features


Uses narrow band non-coherent light
Dispersed beam - far safer than
concentrated-beam systems
Large treatment area
Continuous and pulse illumination capabilities
Powerful 18 mw output
Unit design focuses beam on treatment area

  Modes of Operation
Continuous wave (CW) - for maximum total power
Pulse - short pulses of high power for maximum
depth penetration


User Advantages

Proven efficiency as an adjunct to conventional therapy
Often effective in cases resistant to conventional therapy
Simple and safe enough for home use
Treatment is painless
No sensation of heat during treatment
Home treatment

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 630 nm
Beam area at focus
2 cm 2
Continuous Wave (CW)
Total light Power 65 mW
power density at focus 18 mW/cm 2
Pulse wave
Total peak light power at focus 210 mW
Peak power at focus (typical) 60 mW/cm 2
Freaquency (typical) 130 Hz
Duty ratio (typical) 10%
Total Average power at focus
21 mW
Power Requirements
Input voltage 100- 240V AC
Line frequency 50-60 Hz

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