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The Hassles was a Long Island band that Billy Joel was in during his teens. They released two albums: "The Hassles (1967)" and "Hour of the Wolf (1969)."All of the tracks off these two albums have been included, plus other tracks that were not released until a 1992 re-release of The Hassles albums. In addition,The Hassles released some singles that were not featured on either of the two albums.Info on the recording and release of the tracks are as follows:Tracks 1-7: Recorded in May of 1967, not released until 1992Track 8: Released on Aug. 28, 1967 as a singleTracks 9-18: Released on Nov. 21, 1967 as the album "The Hassles"Tracks 19-20: Released on Aug. 19, 1968 as a single and B-sideTracks 21-28: Released on Jan. 23, 1969 as the album "Hour of the Wolf"Tracks 29-30: Released on Aug. 14, 1969 as a single and B-sideThis title comes on one plain disc in high quality mp3.