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Billy Jack Haynes - The Conspiracy Theory


Viewers of Shoot Interviews have heard some of the craziest stories ever told about the wrestling business. Arguably the most controversial interviewee was Billy Jack Haynes. If you thought you heard it all in Billy Jack's first shoot, you haven't heard anything yet.
There had to be a second time. The statements made were so shocking, that a legal team had to view this video numerous times. The statements made are so outrageous and so insane that some would say could only be made by a mad man. Get ready for.... Billy Jack Haynes: The Conspiracy Theory.
Billy Jack is unique from most interviewees in that he has nothing to lose. Billy has no desire to ever work again in the business, thus pulls not punches, and plays no political games. Billy will give you his opinion with or without consequences. Billy turned it up to a level unprecedented in past shoot interviews during this taping.
Billy has wrestled with all of the biggest stars of the 80s and for every top promotion in the country. Billy has seen and heard it all, and isn't shy in sharing it with you. Additionally, Billy has a lot of theories about some of wrestling's most controversial subjects. Some of these theories are completely off of the wall, yet Billy shares them all in this classic Shoot Interview.
The difference in this and past interviews is that we showed up with no questions. Billy just wanted to rant for three hours. Billy addresses controversies, urban legends, and rumors without provocation. We just sat back, listened, and were absolutely amazed at what we heard from this former wrestling great