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HISTORY LESSON - the History of Pop and Rock Music and Billboard Charts - Weekly Radio Show

If you are a fan of music history or Billboard Charts and culture this show is a must !

This was a live broadcast weekly radio show in Canada that covered the history of Pop and Rock music from 1940 to 1988.

In total there were 79 one hour long shows. You are getting all 79 hours worth of shows with tons of great music, billboard magazine chart info, music trivia, news and culture events and overall look back at each individual year of Pop music history over a 48 year period from 1940 to 1988.

To confirm you are getting all 79 shows in mp3 format on dvd.

Back in 1991-1993 Terry Hoknes hosted a weekly radio show which gave a complete overview of everything happening in society, entertainment and political news. The show helps you relive these great old days. Listen to all the current new music of that particular year, plus entertainment, sports and political news that was current at that point and then summarizing the year while looking back at some of the unique music on the radio each year. The goal here is to share some of these original radio shows which will entertain and educate.

There is a full hour show for each individual year of the rock era from 1955-1988.

Since most pre-1955 music is overlooked we wanted to give more attention to this pre-rock era music and we did numerous shows on each year. Some of the shows had up to 6 full hours of music and history. This show aired before computers or the internet came along so the show actually used original vinyl records, 45's and 78's.

Chart information taken from Billboard Magazine chart books by Joel Whitburn and Fred Bronson and statistics and facts compiled by the DJ

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