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Big Exquisite Tibetan Copper Filigree 8 Turquoise Red Coral Gemstone Spoon Snuff Bottle Amulet Pendant - 2.5" Tall!
All hand made by the local craftsmen of Katmandu Nepal in vintage style, this big beautiful and exquisite Tibetan coin copper snuff bottle amulet pendant features:
• Double sided, both sides of the same beautiful pattern: total 7 small natural Turquoise and red Coral gemstonoe beads inlaid around the neck of the bottle, with some filigree design underneath these beads, and some weaving designs
• Comes with metal chain around total 3.5", a ready to wear beautiful pendant
• The bottle can be opened at the top, with Turquoise or red Coral gemstone inlaid on the top, and a spoon (inside the bottle) attached to the lid
• Material: Tibetan coins Copper
• Big and tall, with size approx.: 63 * 32 mm (2 1/2" * 1 1/4", height * width), two and half inches tall!
Snuffing was a common hobby/traditions of Tibetans. People of all stratums, men and women, religious and secular, were fond of snuffing. Many people like to wear them as a pendant, or just carry them around.

Definitely an exquisite and valuable handicraft for collector to grab! It won't last long, why wait?

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Key Product Knowledge
Most jewelry worn in Tibet and Nepal is for its protective properties and its beauty. All my listed Amulets are protection effective, as they have been activated by a Buddhist Lama or a Brahmin Priest. Please refer THE JEWELRY OF NEPAL by Gabriel for wonderful information and superb pictures.

We mainly wholesale unique items with Indo-Pakistani Culture (mainly Tibetan & Nepal Jewelry), and Jade! Tibet, the most secret and beautiful place in the world, the home of Dalai Lama, the holy man of Tibetan Buddhism (one of the world's most talent and peaceful religions, and it permeates the most aspects of Tibetan Culture).

We're thrilled to have and share these gorgeous pieces, and very proud to be able to send money to the Tibetan & Nepal people (almost always a war there) , who make these gorgeous items and who need it so much!
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