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Expand your music-making horizons
with the Hit Factory Bundle which features 10 of Big Fish Audio's
popular sound kit titles, from international flavors to a slice of
New Orleans jazz. The 10-pack includes Hip Hop Exotica, Neo Soul 2,
Club Hip Hop, Loopalicious RnB, Chill: Downtempo Loops and Beats,
Rush: Progressive House and Trance, The Rhythm Station, Funk
Quartet, Jazz Quartet, and Indian Traditions. Each of these kits
can be used in any of the major sequencing applications available
today-Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Tracktion, Reason,
Sonar, Cubase, and more. They're also compatible with samplers such
as Kontakt, Mach Five, or Structure.
Hip Hop Exotica
Producer Josquin des Pres mixes the influence of his Southern
French origins and Southern Cali West Coast recording experiences
into a melting pot of unique of hip-hop and world music sounds in
this compelling collection of loops, sounds and construction kits.
Declared the "future of hip-hop" by Ruthless Records co-founder
Jerry Heller, you'll get a wide range of non-tradtitional, trunk
rattling beats accented with Asian, Indian, Arabic, Latin and
African influences.
Neo Soul 2
This second installment of the smoother sounds of soul music
has veteran producer and composer Josquin des Pres teaming up with
multi-talented newcomer Brett Michael Wiesman and top notch
musicians Carl Evans on keyboards (Stevie Wonder, Barry White),
David Stark on guitar (Rick James, Teena Marie), Tommy Aros on
percussion (Luis Miguel), Chris Klich on horns and flutes, des Pres
on bass and Michael Evans on drums. The crew lays down grooves that
ride the line between old school R&B, 70s funk, and more modern
vibes. Great for DJs, remixers, producers, songwriters, sound
designers, rappers, or singers, Neo Soul 2 provides a rich, musical
palette of compositions that extends beyond basic beats.
Club Hip Hop
You've got the clever rhymes. You've thought up the
all-important call-and-response hooks. Now all you need is the phat
beats that get your songs into the every DJ's nightly setlist. With
help from producer Mike Kumagai, you now have the tools to create
the kind of floor-filling bangers that get the building shaking and
the crowd on their feet every night. Who knows? There's always room
in the club for another Lil' John...and that space is reserved for
Loopalicious RnB
From the team that created the critically acclaimed "Off the
Hook 1 & 2" soundkits, comes this silky smooth, juicy feast of
R&B construction kits. With tempos ranging from 58-102 BPM,
producer Anthony Myers team has developed an attractive mix of sexy
guitar licks, seductive strings, tripped out leads and pads, mellow
piano chops, and just the right drums for late night musical love
affairs. This is the definitive hook up for creating songs about
falling in love, everlasting romances, broken hearts, and, well,
hook ups.
Chill: Downtempo Loops and Beats
Life moves too fast sometimes, begging for long, drawn-out
baths for the mind. This construction kit will help you create the
kind of aural environment that puts an imaginary finger up to a
pair of lips and gets listeners to shhhhhhh...relax. Chill is
filled with laidback grooves drawing from jazz, hip hop, dub, funk,
soul, ambient, and pop, perfectly made for that rainy-day,
downtempo experience. Drums, guitars, keys, electric/acoustic
basses, flutes, and more are blended between 60 and 110 BPM,
creating the perfect cup of tea time tunes. Give 'em a reason to
kick off their shoes and hit the recliner with Chill.
Rush: Progressive House and Trance
Rush contains more than 1.3 gigs of pure adrenaline-inducing
rhythms, plus a bonus folder of 420 drum hits and loops to help
inspire those who want to work in the exciting world of progressive
house and trance. An ample amount of ethereal synths, driving bass,
electronic blips and bleeps, this construction kit offers all the
mixes, breakouts and drum hits needed to hypnotize and exercise a
club's mind, body, and soul. Use Rush to perfect a melange of
musical energy drinks that will have head's bobbin, feat stompin,
and hearts beating long into the night.
The Rhythm Station
Done with the dull drums? This kit includes over 400
fresh-sounding, live drum and percussion loops ranging from 64 to
134 BPM. Running the gamut of styles from R&B and jazz to
Brazilian and reggae, the emphasis of this title's original,
acoustic sounds are from raw and natural sounding drums, providing
you with the kind of grooves you've been listening for. Make your
next stop the Rhythm Station and see what how many people hop
aboard your soul train.
Funk Quartet
Producer Rich Mendelson has stripped funk down to its
essentials, the real funk quartet: guitar, bass, drums and piano.
Inspired by the soundtrack of the African-American experience
during the 70s, these loops and hooks will help you bring back the
boogie. From the jazz-inflections of Roy Ayers and Lonnie Liston
Smith and the pop of Stevie Wonder to the abstract freakouts of
Eddie Harris and the iconic cartoon funk of Parliament/Funkadelic,
these are the sounds that signified a new era in body-moving music.
Get your bump on with Funk Quartet.
Jazz Quartet
Featuring over 80 construction kits, this jazz collection is
extensive and diverse. Whether you're looking for the heavier
sounds of fusion or the crisp, chirping tones of the 40s, there's
enough authentic piano, bass, drums, and guitar loops to take you
from the small clubs of The Big Easy and beyond. Kits range from 52
to 148 BPM to allow you to transcend the many moods that the free
forms of jazz allow you to work within. Jazz Quartet allows for
true freedom of expression.
Indian Traditions
Trying to keep their music sounding fresh and innovative,
many Western artists have looked to the adding the traditional
music of other countries to their mix. One country that has been
found it's customary instruments peppered into pop music is India.
From hip-hop and rap to dance and rock, the addition of tabla or
sitar makes for an intriguing hook. The producers of this sound and
loop library have collected the unique sounds of 28 different
vocal, percussive, and melodic instruments from this history-rich
culture including the rare khamak and Tar Shehnai. The intoxicating
sounds and enormous amounts of hits captured of each percussion
instrument will give you many choices of how to your turn your next
piece into something that will have everyone wondering where you
got that incredible sound.
Big Fish Audio Hit Factory Bundle
Hip Hop Exotica
Neo Soul 2
Club Hip Hop
Loopalicious RnB
Chill: Downtempo Loops and
Rush: Progressive House and
The Rhythm Station
Funk Quartet
Jazz Quartet
Indian TraditionAll programs come in
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