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90 minutes - upgrades and new finds for the first time on disc! The best Ready steady Go ever too and complete in order for the first time ever on disc! Dromoland Castle in greart quality for the first time ever!  Here's the scoop - * means high upgrade and + means new to disc! 90 mins

What makes these SERIES DVDS different - all in chronological order, the best quality ever including newly found footage and each segment is prefaced by a storyboard explaing where, when and why! YOU WILL LOVE THESE!

1.  March 14: Live in Washington DC Trailer *
2.  March 31: Scala Theatre, London - filming for A Hard Day's Night
     Concert Scene Raw Footage +
3.  You Can't Do That */+
4 . March 31: Scala Theatre, London - concert scene (stereo)
      Tell Me Why
      I Should of Known Better
      If I Fell
      She Loves You
5.  April 3: Twickenham Film Studios, London
      Filming part of the trailer for the movie
6.  Star Parade Tyne Tees TV aired April 9th */+
7.  April 5-12:  Marylebone Station, London filming +
     April 10: Beatles Second Album is relased in the USA
8.  April 15: A Degree of Frost - David Frost Interviews Paul - transmitted on May 18 *
     Studio 4, Television Centre, London
9.  April 17: Les Ambassadeurs, London - Ed Sullivan interview with the Beatles
10. April 17: Filming of the dance sequence at the Hotel - stereo mixes
11. April 18: American Bandstand - Beatles Edition *
       Footage from February 7th and teens dance and rate Beatles records!
12. April 22: Australia House, London - promoting their upcoming Australian Tour */+
13. April 23: Dorchester Hotel, London - Foyles Luncheon - BBC News & ITV News */+
14. April 26: New Musical Express Pollwinners Concert */+
      Aired on May 10,1964
      Introductions with Jimmy Saville and Murray the K
15. She Loves You
16. You Can't Do That
17. Twist and Shout
18. Long Tall Sally
19. Can't Buy Me Love
20. Awards - ending
21. Alternate Version 1: */+
      She Loves You/ You Can't Do That
22. Alternate Version 2: */+
      She Loves You/ You Can't Do That
23. Alternate Version 3: */+
      She Loves You/ You Can't Do That
24. April 26: Empire Pool, Wembley NME Awards - BBC News +