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Bible Defense of Slavery and other Southern Pro-slavery books on CD

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Books scanned from the originals in pdf/acrobat format

Uncle Tom's Cabin Contrasted with Buckingham Hall - Robert Criswell - 1852
A Defense of Southern Slavery by a Southern Clergyman - 1851
An Inquiry into the Law of Negro Slavery, 1858 by Thomas R.R. Cobb
Aunt Phillis's Cabin or Southern Life as it is by Mrs Mary H. Eastman, 1852
Bible Defense of Slavery by Rev. Josiah A.M. 1852- 580 pages
Cotton is King and Pro-Slavery Arguments by E.N. Elliot LLD, 1860, over 900 pages
Uncle Tom's Cabin As It Is, by W.L.G. Smith 1852, over 500 pages
Slavery as Recognized in the Mosaic Civil Law by Rev. Stuart Robinson
Slavery Sanctioned by the Bible - A Tract for Northern Christians 1861
The Lofty and the Lowly
The Sword and the Distaff or Fair Fat and Forty - A Story of the South

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