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[Material ]Si-Bin Bian-stone(Micro Crystal) [Specification
]88mm*48mm*5mm [Product Weight] 46 grams Gifts to share, send loved
ones - to send to friends ~ ~ send health the most important!
Bian-stone to soothe the nerves, regulate qi and blood, dredging
channels to carry more convenient, more simple and safe cosmetic
products, to improve the illness, disease-free health Available,
people: 1, the body is weak, vulnerable to illness. 2, the beauty
of the groups, especially college students, white-collar workers
and other groups. 3, work pressure, often sub-health, insomnia,
neurasthenia crowd. 4, the cause of heavy mental and physical
exhaustion of the top in the workplace, bosses, managers, etc.
crowd. 5, suffering from rheumatism, rheumatoid, arthritis of the
crowd. 6, low immunity, fatigue, easy to get angry, cold people. 7,
cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation,
lumbar muscle strain crowd. 8, suffering from respiratory diseases,
cough, shortness of breath of the crowd. 9, suffering from various
chronic diseases, adapt to the crowd. Usage: 1, wearing a long
necklace of Stone that lets you work, study and leisure, while the
effective mitigation of cervical disease and cervical spondylosis
caused by a variety of ailments. 2, of Stone hand, foot chain, with
improved peripheral microcirculation. Tenosynovitis can ease the
long-term wear, heel pain, chronic wrist and ankle arthritis and
other diseases, four at the end. 3, Bian-stone pendant jewelry,
asthma, chest pain, the prevention of mastitis and other diseases
and improve the effect on patients with physical fitness without
effect. When the length of the rope to wear as the lesion may be
located, a short rope with inflamed trachea, stomach discomfort
rope longer, irregular heart beats are moderate length of rope. 4,
the excess of the electromagnetic radiation can cause headaches,
insomnia, tinnitus, fatigue, memory loss, neurological decline,
palpitations, chest tightness, dizziness, dizziness and other
symptoms, because of Stone has a very wide band of infrared
radiation, it can ease a result of these electromagnetic radiation
hazards to you. Small ultrasonic medical knowledge: 1, the massage
effect. That ultrasound can produce the body's cells a certain
pressure, the movement of the cells appeared small, thus changing
the state of diseased cells, to achieve the purpose of medical
treatment; 2, the heat effect. Ultrasonic energy that is absorbed
by the body, the skin blood circulation of the fever in response to
the organization, the heat generated has analgesic, relieve muscle
spasms, improve microcirculation status effect; 3, the biological
effect. That ultrasound can affect the human body changes in some
chemical or biological process, change the activity of the enzyme,
thus changing the environment and the body's metabolic state of the
disease to a better place. 4, the role of the nervous system.
Nervous system has the characteristics of the ultrasound-sensitive,
small doses of ultrasound on nerve inhibition, can nerve conduction
velocity, which has a significant analgesic effect. 5, the other
role. Ultrasound can increase gastrointestinal motility,
gastrointestinal secretion; make the heart of the coronary artery,
improving myocardial blood supply; make the kidney vasodilation,
increased renal blood flow Air Mail-reach places around the world
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