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[Product name ]Si-Bin Bian-stone anti-radiation anti-fatigue, skin whitening, especially women most obvious ,Hand bead,Bracelet

 [Material ]China Stone Needle (Si-Bin Bian-stone)

 [Specification] Each tablet diameter of bead:1.4cm,

[weight] 75.5g

[European market price]:200 Euro 

Si-Bin Bian-stone therapy has the following role characteristics: (1) clear the meridians. (2) by cold dampness, Xiaobi pain. (3) pain, heat, swelling. (4) calm the nerves. Makes the therapy has a good balance of yin and yang, and uphold role.(5) anti-radiation anti-fatigue(6)Chinese Medicine

  Special properties
Containing more than 30 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human health and minerals, as well as more than 16 kinds of rare elements.
With 14.5-16.5 in the far infrared radiation, 3698 under the 20-2000/Hz ultrasound, the physical properties of nanocrystals class.
Special effects
Regulate microcirculation, the spirit of relaxation and improve motor function.
Regulation of local energy, relax muscles and relieve stress.
Stimulate blood flow to help remove blood from the effect of pain and fatigue factor.
Relieve bursitis, sciatica, headaches, arthritis and premenstrual syndrome symptoms.
And the combination of channels and shu points can be effective in promoting blood flow, improve microcirculation and inhibit cancer cell growth and the elimination of excess body fat.
For people
Suitable for prolonged use of computers, mobile phones or other devices to electromagnetic radiation type;
Faster pace of work, nervous tension to long-term;
Poor circulation; waist, shoulders and neck are easy to stiff or pain;
Mental pressure to keep up the spirit of relaxation to restore a person;
Constant insomnia, listlessness, who need to improve physical energy;
Immunocompromised, those who need to improve the physique;
Corresponding disease, adjuvant therapy to be done to people.
Non-magnetic products with other health care products, used in conjunction with other medical devices.
Safety without side effects, long-term use, perpetual.
Stone material more brittle, use and placement process with a hard object should not touch, scratch, so as to avoid damage.
ã€Bian stone therapy Stone Needle】    Wear Si-Bin Bian-stone bracelets can increase the body microcirculation, the site of the pain can play the role of blood stasis. For example, elbow, wrist pain or muscle
Meat strain or the mouse hand, wrist pain, after wearing the bracelets have good results. Stone of health effects the release of 8 to 14 micron wavelength of far infrared emission rate of 90% of dredging the meridians to improve the human blood circulation system and micro-circulatory system through the "Stone" health knowledge of precious stones, you can feel the steam room of Stone Khan which has the magical effect, it improved human health, beauty beauty had a marked effect Body

First, the most significant point is that white skin, change skin texture and enhance skin elasticity, aging, women in particular are most obvious after a few steamed make skin smooth and delicate. Second, with the elimination of waist fat, reduced fat drive, whitens skin, body modification effect, the has a significant effect. 3, Stone, relieve tension, reduce stress, a calm, sedative effect. Fourth, accelerate the body blood circulation, open pores, open up the body environment, the total emission of body dirt. 5, activation of dormant cells in the body, enhance immunity, promote wound healing. Sixth, strengthen the trachea, bronchus and lung function, desensitization, expectoration good effect. 7, discharge sweat and accumulate in the body of toxins, it can reduce arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, chronic bronchitis and other symptoms. 8, increasing the body basal metabolism, reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, triglyceride, increased exercise tolerance. 9, antibacterial, and promote the body repair and regeneration. 10, acidic and treatment of urban populations to improve sub-health, sleep and neurasthenia have a good effect.
Structure and properties
Si Bin Stone Bracelet by Si Bin Stone made into jewelry with therapy efficacy. Si Bin Stone Bracelet implies a very natural far infrared, through the natural wear or friction, and human tissue cells of resonance of water molecules to form a thermal effect, promote subcutaneous tissue temperature increases, the expansion of capillaries, enhance circulation and help promote the metabolism , activation of cells and enhance immune system function. Si Bin Stone bracelet can increase the body microcirculation, the site of the pain can play the role of blood stasis. For example, elbow, wrist pain or muscle strain, wear bracelets after their good results. For some common diseases, but also by Stone with Chinese acupuncture methods to treat 16 patients.
[Edit this paragraph] Notes
1, a bleeding tendency, it is inadvisable to use the measles way, it is appropriate feeling, rubbing, kneading, rolling, temperature, smell and other softer approach; such as severe bleeding tendency, these practices banned. 2, purulent inflammation, ulceration of the skin surface with effusion (such as: eczema, herpes, boils, carbuncle sores, etc.), and a variety of infectious skin lesion site disabled, can only be treated in the Skin Lesions of the surrounding . 3, disabling the lower abdomen during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage. 4, the product used under the guidance of doctors recommended. 5, Stone product is fragile, avoid bump, drop drop it.

  〠Quality description 】

1. Size / Marble: required material according Arts, pure hand, it is inevitable that the same product and size there is error, there may be slight appearance of non-smooth surface, while there may be a natural product formed punctate, filamentous or irregular-shaped white or gray stone pattern, a normal Phenomena "> is not a quality problem. 

2. Natural sexual / Uniqueness: acupuncture with raw materials are natural stone, natural stone pattern formation and their color can not be completely identical, and not on each baby has a clear stone pattern, or more, or Marble less, some obvious and some not obvious, the material itself is gray and black, are a normal part of natural materials. All products are hand-made process, resulting not affect the appearance and use of small defects are normal, every baby is unique 

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