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This DVD features bodybuilder
Steve Sterling, in wrestling action. Steve is a very rough
and aggressive wrestler who likes to win. He uses a wide variety of
holds: headlocks, scissors, surfboards, bearhugs, armlock, and
more. With those massive muscles, you can bet his opponents are
feeling the pain! He also is very verbal throughout each match,
taunting his opponents as he applies one hold after another.
This DVD features the following five
5'6", 190 lbs, Brn/Brn, 24 years old Monte: 5'8", 200 lbs, brown
hair, brown eyes, 25 years old) In this bout Steve Sterling was 190
lbs, just before he started training for a major physique contest.
This is one of the few matches in which Steve is at a slight
disadvantage, height and weight wise. Nonetheless he wastes no time
in trying to gain the upper hand against muscular Monte Masters. He
shoves him into a ring corner and lays into his opponent with knee
lifts and punches. He throws Masters to ring center. A series of
holds and maneuvers keeps Masters on the defensive including a step
over leg hold, a face smash to the mat, a cross body scissors, a
knee to Master's stomach, and a side headlock. Sterling, looking
for more of a challenge, allows Masters to gain his feet and his
composure. Sterling, ever confident, challenges Masters to a test
of strength. Big, big mistake! Sterling actually loses this test
and Monte takes him to the mat. A chinlock and lift puts some
pressure on Steve's lower back. Masters gets Sterling to his feet,
throws him into the ropes, and gives him a weak clothesline. Then
Masters staggers against the ropes. He's still feeling Sterling's
initial assault. Sterling recovers in seconds and is on Masters
like suntan oil on a muscular body. He backs Masters into and bends
him over the top ring rope. Wham!, goes a forearm on to Master's
big chest. He is then tossed like he's a bag of feathers into ring
center. Masters is put into a camel clutch. As he lays over
Sterling's massive thighs, totally helpless, Steve wraps his huge
muscled arms, snake-like, around Monte's head. He exerts maximum
pressure and crushes Monte's head as if it were in a vise. A
beautiful camera close-up fills the screen with an agonizing
Masters and enormous flexing biceps. Inexplicably Sterling allows
Masters out of the hold and on to his feet. Another big mistake!
Masters secures a front bearhug, followed up by a side headlock and
body scissors. Masters tries throwing him off the ring ropes twice.
On the second try Sterling lays a heavy smash into Monte's chest. A
big sexy body slam sets Monte up for the ultimate Boston crab.
Masters submits. Monte had tried a bearhug in the first fall, but
it didn't work. He comes on with a vengeance in the second with
another try. He crushes Sterling in his huge arms, and runs him
into a corner of the ring. A second time, a third. Sterling, in
desperation, pounds on Master's head with a big forearm. Masters
feels it, collapses. He never recovers. A Sterling body slam turns
into an airplane spin before Masters is slammed to the mat. An
outside the ropes surfboard forces Masters into a second fall
submission. When Sterling lets go Masters collapses like a building
in an earthquake. He's face down on the mat - twitching a little.
To show his complete disdain for his opponent Sterling comes back
into the ring and simply chucks Masters out of it.

5'6", 205 lbs, brn/brn, 25 years old. Robbie: 5'8", 182 lbs, blond
hair, blue eyes, 22 years old) Check out Steve's physique now. You
won't believe the muscle he packed on for the physique contest.
He's a year older and 15 lbs of muscle heavier. He's vascular,
ripped, Huge! Watch out Robbie! Robbie is a very handsome,
gymnastic, and muscularly ripped blond stud. He looks spectacularly
delicious in his pro-cut yellow posing trunks and blue boots. All
the right physical curves and jut-outs in all the right places make
watching Robbie a pleasure in this matchup. Sterling is
surprisingly tepid in the first fall. He dominates but at the same
time allows Robbie too much maneuvering room. Consequently Brennan
gets in his share of licks: reversing a standing full nelson,
inflicting clothesline punishment and beating up Sterling in a ring
corner. But it is the final first fall submission that is worth
waiting for. A standing full nelson that Brennan is unable to
break. It's held on him for a long, long time. Brennan resists
submitting right up to the moment he is lifted off his feet and
flung around in a big arc. It's all over quickly at this point.
Sterling comes out at the top of the second fall intending to make
short work of his opponent. He throws Brennan into the ropes, but
in the rebound Robbie shocks Sterling with a boot to his chest. He
is then side-marred; monkey flipped, and then figured four. This
quick figure-four leglock ends Sterling's second fall hopes. Robbie
is a force with which to be reckoned. He puts one of his boots atop
Steve's defeated muscular body lying on the mat and gives us a
double biceps flex. A test of strength between the two grapplers
opens the 3rd fall. The additional 15 lbs added to Sterling's
physique results in more strength and Robbie doesn't stand a
chance. He is then body slammed, not once but twice. Sterling holds
Robbie up in the air for a few extra seconds as if to emphasize his
helplessness. A cross body scissors squeezes Robbie like no other.
A step over toehold is next, but wait! Brennan reverses and puts a
surprise Boston crab on Sterling. But wait again! Sterling manages
to exert all his strength to knock Robbie off his controlling
perch. Sterling slaps on a throat scissors. Robbie retaliates by
biting Sterling's leg. Robbie is a tough sucker and doesn't shrink
from doing what is necessary to win. But this maneuver simply
ignites Sterling's dangerous and infamous temper. Robbie is thrown,
crushed, punched, lifted and smashed, and then put over Sterling's
shoulders for the ultimate humiliating submission one man can give
to another: the over the shoulder backbreaker. Sterling throws
Brennan to the mat, stands on his chest, and flashes a double
biceps victory pose. He's still fuming as he leaves the mat. Easy
to temper, slow to cool.
205 lbs, brn/brn, 25 years old. Aaron: 5'7", 185 lbs, blond hair ,
blue eyes, 21 years old) Aaron is probably the handsomest wrestler
on this video. He treats us to a small posing routine before taking
his position in the wrestling corner. He gives one the initial
impression that he is a raw novice "blue-eye" ready for a
spectacular beating. And sure enough the Ringmaster gives him two
spectacular body slams. Sterling lifts the dazed and weakened young
muscleboy off the mat, preparing to give him a third. Instead he
takes Aaron into the ring corner and hangs his legs over the top
rope. This leaves our cute novice dangling and vulnerable to some
corner mischief. A body and head scissors further takes the
stuffing out of the young lad. Sterling puts Aaron in a standing
full nelson, but wonder of wonders, Aaron takes his substantial
muscled butt and bumps it up against Sterling, sending Steve flying
to the mat. He manages to secure Steve in a combination hammer and
neck hold. But Steve manages to grab Aaron's head and snap flip him
to the mat. Aaron's beating resumes. This time when Tucker is in a
full nelson, Steve lifts him off the mat and takes him for a short
spin. It's all over for Aaron Tucker. Aaron's beating continues
into the second fall. You'll see his hot ass flexing and squirming
a lot as he spends much time on his stomach in Sterling's painful
mat holds. But at one point our novice muscleboy gets tired of his
beating. He's tired of taking all the shit Sterling is dishing out
and launches an assault on Steve's eyes. And he doesn't stop until
he has Steve howling out his submission in a neat outside the ropes
corner leveraged surfboard - something Steve did himself in an
earlier bout. Between the time Aaron totally leveled the playing
field by blinding Sterling and hearing his submission, he pounded
Sterling's head on the corner turnbuckle, kicked and punched him in
the corner and gives a him a short but sweet airplane spin. A
shocker! Our blond, blue-eye, so-called novice has proven to be a
surprising winner after BG had written him off as a loser. Aaron is
feeling his victory oats perhaps a bit too much when he challenges
(what is he thinking?) Sterling to a test of strength. Very bad
judgment, but he's a rookie, so what do you expect? Like dumb
animal being lead to the slaughter, Steve Sterling now begins a
methodical breakdown of the rookie muscleboy. This includes a ring
rope tie-up in which Steve attacks him from inside and outside the
ring. A standing head squeeze traps Aaron's handsome face between
Steve's enormous thighs. As Aaron runs his hands desperately over
Steve's thigh muscles, looking for a way out, his head looks sort
of like a melon being squeezed in a vise. Probably feels that way,
too! An over the shoulder backbreaker (a Sterling favorite)
tramples any illusions ever had of Aaron beating the
205 lbs, brn/brn, 25 years old. Casey: 5'6", 170 lbs, brn hair,
green eyes, 22 years old) Casey is at a definite disadvantage with
the same height, but 35 lbs lighter. Is there a squash job
potentially here? Check out that haircut. US Marines all the way.
So Casey is tough, but not tough enough to overcome Steve's big
muscles. Two straight falls for Steve Sterling with only brief,
tepid comebacks by Casey. For those who love to see a nicely
muscled young dude take a beating, especially one with such a cute
shapely butt, you will love this matchup. Casey poses first, then
Sterling. As Sterling is posing Casey sneaks up behind him and
applies a full nelson. Sterling simply flexes his way out of it and
Kramer is on the way to a first fall loss. The highlight of the
first fall is Sterling's bearhug on Casey. The trunks he is wearing
disappear into his butt. When Steve secures that full nelson, the
camera comes in from behind, capturing Kramer's lower back,
Sterling's squeezing muscled arms, and Kramer's butt and beautiful
thigh muscles in one long flowing hot sexy shot. Sterling marches
his victim around the ring, throwing him into the corner. Another
bearhug applied and from here it's not too far until a submission
is obtained. A over the shoulder backbreaker / airplane spin combo
takes the stuffing out of Kramer in a second fall Sterling victory.
And except for one brief fling at a comeback Kramer has the shit
kicked out of him by Steve Sterling.

205 lbs, brn/brn, 25 years old. Dennis: 5'9", 205 lbs, brn hair,
brown eyes, 32 years old) A Colt Model! Superbly handsome, super
built! On paper - a very even matchup. Sterling's "out of the gate"
strategy on big guys is to dominate them quickly, start to weaken
them, and wear them down. With Dennis this strategy seems to be
working for the first two minutes, until Dennis is able to reverse
a step over leg hold. When Dennis gets a standing full nelson on
Sterling, Steve realizes he won't be able to simply muscle out of
this one. Instead he backs Main into the nearest corner - SLAM!
Main releases the hold. Steve turns around and goes back to work
and except for one more short burst of aggression against Sterling
in a corner; it's not too hard for Steve to go on to victory with
his abs stretch. Dennis's wrestling confidence is restored by a
hard fought second fall victory with a painful camel clutch on a
submitting Sterling. When the chips are down and Sterling's ire has
risen, woe to the opponent. And that is the scenario as the 3rd
fall opens. Among other assaults Dennis is forced over the top
rope, tied into them, and worked over from front and behind. He
ends up on the mat being squeezed in a rear body scissors. But Main
is very, very strong. Anyone who can break a Sterling scissors has
to be. He starts to work on one of Sterling's legs. Meanwhile
virtually one whole side of his brief trunks has worked their way
up into his butt. He brings Steve to his feet where he now works on
an arm. But Sterling punches and elbows his way to freedom in
addition to launching a new assault on Main. Dennis Main ends up
virtually out cold as a result of a perfect Sterling pile driver.
Steve sits on Main's chest and counts him out by slapping his
wrestling boot on the mat - once, twice, thrice! He stalks out of
the ring. Another brutal victory for the

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