Item Description
Beyblade Metal MASTERS 2 Pack Dragon Bite Strike #BB-43C Lightning L Drago & #B-108 Earth Wolf

Get an awesome BEYBLADE smackdown going with this DRAGON BITE STRIKE 2Pack! Will your LIGHTNING LDRAGO* Attack top win out over your EARTH WOLF* Balance top Find out, and then youll be ready to take on your opponents with the perfect top! Test out the LIGHTNING LDRAGOs PERFORMANCE TIP* MS and see if its steady attack can over come the endurance that the PERFORMANCE TIP WD gives to your EARTH WOLF top. Once youve tested your tops, youll be nearly invincible against your opponents!Attack BB43C 100HF LIGHTNING LDRAGOBalance B108 105WD EARTH WOLFPack includes 2 fivepiece customizable tops, 2 assembly tools, 1 leftspin RIPCORD LAUNCHER*and 1 rightspin RIPCORD LAUNCHER, 2 collector cards and instructions.