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We sell unreleased film noir and crime DVDs with full case
artwork. For a specific title, just ask.
The movie:
Edmond O'Brien and Mark Stevens are by-the-book
partners in the LAPD. They love their work; they also love
the same girl, police dispatcher Gale Storm, whose engaging voice
they hear every night on the patrol car radio. When they
tangle with sadistic mob boss Donald Burka, one of them is
murdered, leaving the other to hunt down the killer. Eugene
Ling's script takes this one right to the top level of fifties B
movies, with equal parts violence and tenderness, memorable
one-liners, a touching love story, even the odd gag, all woven
through a tension-filled film noir/crime thriller. Obviously
the model for dozens of partner cop shows to come, Between Midnight
and Dawn was directed by Gordon Douglas (Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Mr.
Soft Touch, Walk a Crooked Mile).
The product:
You will receive a Region 1 DVD R (Taiyo Yuden Premium) of
the listed title with complete artwork (front cover as shown) in a
conventional DVD case.
The print:
Movies like the one listed here, transferred to DVD from one
of any number of sources, will not offer the picture and sound
quality of a typical "new release." They are fifty to sixty
years old and some have weathered the passage of time better than
others. "Grading" is a highly subjective matter and each of
us has his own criteria, but if your expectations are reasonable,
you will not be disappointed. Having said all that, please
know that every effort will be made to ensure your ultimate
The details:
In reference to intellectual property issues, we believe that
the titles listed here are in the public domain; none has been
released on DVD in North America and none was produced after 1958,
making their original copyrights more than fifty years
old. Of course, if any title is found to be currently under
copyright, it will be immediately removed.
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To Canada: one DVD, $2.25.; two, $3.00; four, $6. - $10. depending
on the province. To the U.K.: one DVD, $4.50.; two, $8.; four, $15.
Rates are reduced accordingly for multiple purchases. In all cases,
nothing added for handling, packaging, materials, etc. For
rates outside North America, please ask.
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