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On 26 DVD's Includes
Bette Midler

Disc 1
1972 Bing Crosby Special
Ac-cent-u-ate The Positive With Bing
Glow Worn With The Mills Brothers

1972 Telethon For Isreal
Sentimental Journey
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Hello In There

1973 Burt Bacharach Special
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

1973 Tonight Show
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Cher Special
Shady Ladies Medley With Cher
Ain't No Mountain High Enough Medley With Cher & Elton John
1976 Neil Sedka Special
Strangers In The Night
Love Will Keep Us Together With Neil

UK Wogan
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Hello In There
Leader Of The Pack

1977 Cleveland
The Story Of Nanette

Disc 2

1980 Donahue Interview "Divine Madness"
1977 Dinah ! Promoting Ol Red Hair Is Back Special
1980 Tonight Show "Divine Madness"

Disc 3
1977 TV SPECIAL Ol' Red Hair Is Back
Bette Midler
Dustin Hoffman
Emmett Kelly
Songs Include:
Hello In There
Shiver Me Timbers
La Vie En Rose
Do You Want To Dance?
Higher And Higher
Shoot The Breeze with Dustin Hoffman

1977 Roxy
La Vei En Rose
Uptown/ Da Do Ron Ron
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On With Jerry Lee Lewis

1979 Parkinson
Big Noise From Winetka

Disc 4

1979 Saturday Night Live
Married Men

Making Of "the Rose" Documentary
Premiere Of "The Rose"
1979 Barbara Walters Interview
1980 Golden Globes Winner
1980 Oscar Profile
1980 Parkinson Interview
1982 Oscars Presenter
1983 Entertaiment Tonight "Jinxed"
1982 20/20 Profile
1982 Tom Snyder Interview
1983 Golden Globes Presenter

Disc 5

1983 The Tonight Show
Beast Of Burden
Come Back Jimmy Dean
1983 Gary Collins Interview About "Baby Divine"
1983 Entertainment Tonight No Frills Album
1983 Donahue Interview
1983 Art Or Bust Documentary
Beast Of Burden
Don't Know Much
My Favorite Waste Of Time
1983 Entertainment Tonight "Saga Of Baby Divine" Book Signing

Disc 6

1983 Today Show "Saga Of Baby Divine"
Trailer For "Jinxed"
Trailer For "Art Or Bust"
1983 Making Of Beast Of Burden Video
1983 Music Video Beast Of Burden
1983 Solid Gold
Beast Of Burden
1984 Good Morning America
Promoting Art Or Bust
1984 MTV Music Awards Host
1984 Entertainment Tonight Bette Gets Married
1984 Mondo Beyonda Clips
1984 Live Aid Bette Introduces Madonna

Disc 7
1984 We Are The World
1985 David Letterman Promoting Mud Will Be Flung
1985 AFI Tribute
Sings The Rose
1985 Entertainment Tonight Star On The Walk Of Fame
1985 Entertainment Tonight Mud Will Be Flung
1985 CBS This Morning Interview
1985 Hollywood Insider Down & Out In Beverly Hills & Ruthless People
Ruthless People Trailer
1985 Entertainment Tonight Ruthless People Premiere
1985 Good Morning America Ruthless People
1985 Good Morning America Bette Pregnant
1986 Entertainment Tonight Bette At Barbra Streisand's One Voice Concert
1985 The Tonight Show
1986 Entertainment Tonight Outrageous Fortune
1986 Barbara Walters Interview
Hollywood Insider "Outrageous Fortune
Disc 8

1986 Wogan Interview
1986 Comedy Awards Favorite Actress
1986 Entertainment Tonight Film Society Honors
1987 Entertainment Tonight Profile
1987 Gloria Steinam Interview
1987 Entertainment Tonight Mondo Beyondo
1987 Hollywood Insider Profile
1987 Entertainment Tonight Big Business
1987Entertainment Tonight Interview
1987 Ameciacan Comedy Awards
1988 Entertainment Tonight Beaches
1988 Today Show Beaches
1988 60 Minutes Profile
1988 Under The Boardwalk Music Video

Disc 9

1988 Oprah Winfrey Interview
1988 Behind The Scenes Of Beaches
1988 The Tonight Show
Under The Boardwalk
I Think It's Going To Rain Today
1990 Stella Trailer
1990 Connie Chung Interview
1990 Entertainment Tonight Stella

Disc 10

1989 Crook & Chase Interview
1988 Music Video The Wind Beneath My Wings
1989 Entertainment Tonight Revitilized Singing Career
1989 Grammy Awards
Wind Beneath My Wings
1989 Entertainment Tonight Grammy Coverage
1989 Earth Day Special
1990 Entertainment Tonight Profile
1990 Hollywood Insider Profile
1990 VH-! Interview
1990 Music Video From A Distance
1991 Good Morning America Scenes From A Mall
1991 Grammy Awards
From A Distance
1991 Good Morning America Interview
1991 Vh-1 Profile
1991 Entertainment Tonight Interview
Trailer Stella

Disc 11

1991 Music Video Night And Day
1991 Wogan (Guest Host Joanna Lumley) Interview
From A Distance
Wind Beneath My Wings
1991 Entertainment Tonight AIDS Charity Supporters
1991 Walt Disney World Anniversary Special
1991 Entertainment Tonight For The Boys
1991 Crrok And Chase Interview
1991 Barbara Walters Interview
1991 Entertainment Tonight For The Boys Premiere
1991 e Daily News For The Boys Premiere
1991Oprah Interview
1991 VH-1 Behind The Scenes Of For The Boys

Disc 12

1991 Music Video Every Road Leads Back To You
1991 E Daily News For The Boys
1991 The Tonight Show
Stuff Like That There
Every Road Leads Back To You
1191 Showtime Behind The Scenes Of For The Boys
Various Entertainment Show Clips For The Boys

Disc 13

1992 Arsenio Hall Show
Pretty Legs And Great Big Knockers
From A Distance
1992 Music Video In My Life
1992 The Tonight Show Final Show
Miss Otis Regrets
One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)
1993 Crook And Chase Interview
1993 Behind The Scenes Of Hocus Pocus
1993 Trailer For Gypsy
1993 CBS This Morning Gypsy
1994 Emmy Awards
Rose's Turn
1994 E Daily News & Entertainment Tonight Martha raye Sues bette

Disc 14

1995 David Letterman
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
The Simpson's Guest Star
Seinfeld Guest Star
1995 Oprah
I Believe In You
In This Life
1995 Good Morning America
The Rose
1995 Regis And Kathie Lee Interview

Disc 15

1995 The tonight Show
In This Life
I Believe In You
1995 Larry King Live
1995 VH-! Profile
1995 VH-1 Honors
To Deserve You
Let It Be Me With Wynonna
1995 Clips From CBS This Morning, Vh-1, E News Daily, Good Morning America Promoting Bette Of Roses

Disc 16

1996 Oprah Interview
1996 Wynona Special
Ukelele Lady
In This Life
The Rose With Wynona
1996 Rosie
Kisses Have Colors
1996 Et, GMA, Hard Copy E News, CBS This Morning,First Wives Club

Disc 17

1995 Music Video To Deserve You
1996 Oprah With Bette, Goldie & Diane
1996 Lifetime Special With Bette, Goldie & Diane
1995 The Today Show
In This Life
Hello In There
1997 Paula Zahn Intervew
1997 Various Clips From ET, GMA, E News VH-1 Promoting First Wives Club, That Old Feeling

Disc 18

1997 Various Clips From ET, GMA, E News VH-1 Promoting Divas Las Vegas, That Old Feeling
1997 Lifetime Intimate Portrait

Disc 19

1997 Various Clips From ET, GMA, E News VH-1 Promoting Divas Las Vegas, That Old Feeling
1997 Regis & Kathie Lee
1997 Emmys Nominee
The Nanny Bette Guest Stars
Flix Behind The Scenes Of That Old Feeling
1997 Glaad Awards
In My Life

Disc 20
Behind The Music
1998 The View
1998 Paula Zahn Interview
Murphy Brown Finale Guest Star
Music Videos For My One True Friend
1998 Various Clips From ET, GMA, E News VH-1 Promoting Bath House Betty

Disc 21.

1998 Time And Again Profile
1998 Rare NY Concert Caught With Handheld Camera For Clean-Up New York Bette Performs For Over An Hour (Ultra_Rare)

Disc 22

1998 Rosie
My One True Friend
1998 Tonight Show
1998 Larry King
1998 Rosanne
My One True Friend
1998 Billboard Music Awards
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show

Disc 23

1999 The View
Laughing Matters
1999 David Letterman
Lullaby In Blue
1999 Rosie
I'm Beautiful Dammit
1999 Various Clips From ET, GMA, E News

Disc 24

2000 Charlie Rose Interview
2000 Barbara Walters
2000 Oprah
Wind Beneath My Wings
That's How Love Moves

Disc 25

Art Or Bust Concert
Bette Midler is at her peak during this live recording. She sounds better than ever. Her version of, "Stay With Me," is perhaps the finest recorded. This was a quite unique concert. It's theme is in the title. It's quite artsy. The costumes were bold and sharp. The set designs were likewise. Stand-out moments include the aforementioned, "Stay With Me," "Don't Look Down," and the brilliant, "Here Comes the Flood." We are also treated to songs from her album release at the time. "My Eye On You," really rocks, and "Is it Love," is a very modern (at the time), kind of new-wave song. She went out on a limb for this show, and it really pays off. She's as raunchy and humorous as ever, giving us her standard Mermaids in wheelchairs act, Deloras Delago
Disc 26
The Bette Midler Show , HBO Special From 1977