Item Description
I have been recording and collecting movies for years and have a very nice collection that I am willing to share with those who would like to be able to watch their favorite movies whenever they like. These are collector to collector items. If you are looking for retail (store bought) discs then please search elsewhere.

Most of these movies are not available to be purchased retail and some are very rarely, if ever aired anymore.


All titles are on DVD-R disc, as aired on TV stations such as Lifetime,
LMN, Hallmark and ABC Family, commercials are edited on almost all titles, but most will of course contain occasional pop-ups, considering most TV stations have them. Picture and sound quality is excellent (9/10)....cable TV quality.

**If you would like more than 1 title just use the BUY NOW feature to purchase a title then let me know through the comments/contact seller area that you would like multiple titles and which ones you would like if purchasing from the Made for TV/Christmas title listings.**
I will replace any and all defective discs with the same disc. Buyers are responsible for returning the defective disc.
NO REFUNDS, due to the ease of modern technology.
If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask I may have it or be able to get it for you.
Widowed mom Michelle Ross is thrilled when her shy teenage daughter, Lexi, goes out with the high school football star, Greg. What she doesn't know is that Greg has an ulterior motive: to win a bet by sleeping with Lexi on their first date and capturing it all on video. Once Greg's bitter ex-girlfriend Carleigh hears about the "date" she starts emailing the video around school. The video quickly goes viral and many lives are destroyed. When Lexi commits suicide, Michelle vows to get justice.