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DVD featuring wrestling muscle hunk Vince Torrelli (a.k.a. Ken Shamrock) in his early wrestling days in the Mid-Atlantic area. This guy was a god! Bulging biceps, tree-trunk muscular legs, and in some of the matches he was unshaven, sporting a nice sprinkling of hair all over his body! He also knew how to wrestle, and is featured in many squash matches against helpless jobbers. Some of the matches are tag-team matches. He loved to throw his opponents to the mat using a very dramatic form of suplex. Once on the mat, he got on them with armlocks, hammerlocks, headlocks, headscissors, and more. Please note that there are two volumes, each being sold in separate auctions. This auction is for volume #1. The images included in this description are only for the volume being sold here. This is not a professionally produced DVD, and the image quality varies, but is mostly very good. I have attempted many searches on the internet for professionally-produced DVDs featuring Vince Torrelli, and have been unable to locate any, so this is rare stuff.