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Best of Kenta Kobashi 12 DVD set. Check out some Kobashi's greatest matches from AJPW and Noah pro-wrestling when he was in his prime. Excellent quality, taken from satellite TV.

Disc 1
Vs Kawada
& Jumbo Tsuruta Vs Tenryu / Stan Hansen
Vs Johnny Ace
Vs Abdullah the Butcher
& Misawa vs Johnny Smith / Davey Boy Smith
Vs Stan Hansen
Vs Jumbo Tsuruta

Disc 2
& Kikuchi Vs Kroffat / Furnas
Vs Jun Akiyama
Vs Terry Gordy
Vs Steve Williams
& Misawa vs Taue / Kawada

Disc 3
& Misawa Vs Williams / Ace
Vs Taue
& The Patriot vs Williams / Ace

Disc 4
Vs Misawa
& Johnny Ace Vs Taue / Kawada
Vs Kawada
Vs Akiyama

Disc 5
Vs Misawa
Vs Misawa
& Shiga Vs Takayama / Omori

Disc 6
& Akiyama Vs Hansen / Taue
Vs Vader
Vs Omori
Vs Takayama
& Akiyama vs Taue / Misawa
& Rikio vs Akiyama / Kanemaru

Disc 7
Vs Akiyama
& Misawa vs Nagata / Akiyama
& Taue vs Misawa / Chono

Disc 8
Vs Misawa
& Honda vs Akiyama / Saito
Vs Yuji Nagata

Disc 9
Vs Takayama
Vs Akiyama
Vs Taue

Disc 10
Vs Minoru Suzuki
Vs Rikio
& Shiozaki Vs Tenryu / Akiyama
Vs Kensuke Sasaki

Disc 11
Vs Samoa Joe
Vs Ares
& Izumida Vs Rikio / Akebono
Vs Kenta
Vs Marufuji

Disc 12
& Honda Vs Yone / Morishima
& Takayama Vs Misawa / Akiyama
* Audio in Japanese, no subtitles.
Dvds are provided on Verbatim high quality printable dvd-r in small paper or plastic sleeves.

Sorry no cases or covers/labels to keep the weight down.

Shipping is from Japan via SAL economy airmail to anywhere in the world. Please allow 10 days for delivery.
**** For people with fast internet, this set is now ALSO AVAILABLE AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (ISO format) for half the listed price ****

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