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Today, the Old
School Rassling Specialist has for you q great disc of classic matches,
interviews, music videos and angles featuring The Handsome One, the
Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant. Features plenty of footage from
Memphis, the NWA, Mid Atlantic, AWA and others.

4 hours of the
Boogie Man getting down and fighting dirty, daddy! In sleeves, no
art. Make me an Offer on this set!!! Accept payment thru Paypal and
money orders. Free U.S. Shipping. Inquire about rates to other

Includes: Lords of the
Ring music video featuring Valiant, Bugsy McGraw (NWA) / Handsome
Jimmy promo w/ Lance Russell (Memphis) / Handsome Jimmy cake
incident (Memphis) / Handsome Jimmy promo on David Schultz
(Memphis) / Handsome Jimmy Valiant music video (“Son of the
Gypsy”) (Memphis)/ Handsome Jimmy promo (Memphis)/ Valiant
vs. Dr. Tom Pritchard (Memphis) / Valiant music video (Honky Tonk
Women / Chrome 3 wheeler) (Memphis) / Valiant vs. Ken Wayne
(Memphis)/ Valiant promo on Paul Ellering (Memphis) / Valiant
smashes Koko Ware’s TV set (Memphis)/ More Valiant promos (Memphis) /
Longer version of Son of the Gypsy video (Memphis)/ Valiant as
Southern champ, promo on Tommy Rich (Memphis) / Valiant & Tojo
vs Rich & Koko at MSC (Memphis) / Valiant promo on busted eye
(Memphis) / Valiant attacks Lawler with a glass bottle (Memphis) /
Valiant runs Rich outta town (Memphis) / Valiant vs. Lawler at MSC
Valiant & Greg Valentine vs
Ritchie & Martin (Mid-Atlantic) / Lord Alfred Hayes/
“King” Jimmy Valiant promo (Mid-Atlantic) / Valiant
music video (‘Boy From NY City’) (Mid-Atlantic) / The
Boogie Woogie Man is born (Mid-Atlantic) / Youngbloods, Ivan Koloff
promo on valiant (Mid-Atlantic) / Boogie Woogie Man promos
(Mid-Atlantic) / Valiant – Koloff confrontation
(Mid-Atlantic) / Valiant & Roddy Piper team up (Mid-Atlantic) /
Valiant & Bugsy McGraw promo & brawl (Mid-Atlantic) / Andre
the Giant teams with Valiant & Bugsy (Mid- Atlantic) / Valiant
vs. One Man Gang (Mid-Atlantic) / Valiant vs. Gary Hart &
Kabuki (Mid-Atlantic) / Valiant & Kabuki feud (Mid-Atlantic) /
Charlie Brown comes to town (Mid-Atlantic) / Charlie Brown saga
(Mid-Atlantic) / Assassins promo on Valiant (Mid-Atlantic) /
Valiant music video (‘Lifes Been Good’) Monday Night memories music video (Memphis) /
Classic clips / Valiant music video (“714 Blues” by
Handsome Jimmy) / Valiant- Pepper Gomez promo (AWA Chicago –
Bob Luce) / Valiant vs. Gomez (AWA Chicago – Bob Luce) /
Valiant vs. Verne Gagne (AWA Chicago – Bob Luce) / Valiant
music video (James Brown) / Handsome Jimmy / luscious Johnny
interview, clips (AWA Chicago – Bob Luce) / Valiants vs. Dick
the Bruiser & Ernie Ladd (AWA) / Valiants vs. Bruno Sammartino
& Dick the Bruiser (AWA Chicago – Bob Luce) / Hansdsome
Jimmy smashes a guitar over Lawler’s head (Memphis) / Valiant
promos (Memphis ) / Valaint teams up with Lawler (Memphis) /
Valiant vs. Man Mtn. Link (Memphis) / Assassins shave
Valiant’s beard saga (NWA Mid Atlantic) / Boogie Woogie Man
Has the Blues promo (great stuff!) (NWA Mid Atlantic) / Valiant
unmasks an Assassin (NWA Mid Atlantic) Paul Jones promo on dog
collar match 9 NWA Mid Atlantic) / Valiant vs. Paul Jones Dog
collar match (NWA Mid Atlantic) / Great American bash music video
(NWA) / Valiant vs. Pez Whatley hair match (NWA) / Valiant vs.
Baron Von Rashke (NWA) / Valiant gets his head shaved (NWA) /
Valinat vs Paul Jones rematch (NWA) / Clips: Midnight Express vs.
valiant & Miss Atlanta Lively (NWA) / Clips: Valiant brawls
with Ken Patera (Memphis) / Valiant vs. Jesse Ventura (AWA) /
Valiant promos (Memphis) / Absolutely crazy Valiant & Randy
Savage promo (Memphis) / Valiant vs. Wayne Bloom (Superclash 3) and