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You are buying 4 DVDRs of one of the best old school promotions ever. These 4 DVDRs are the best quality you will find of this promotion. This promotion was known at times as Southeastern Championship Wrestling and was located in Alabama.

Continental Vol.1

Nightmare- Rich Cousins Fued is covered

Ash vs Welch Jr. Title

Adrian Street vs Oates

Robert Fuller turns on Bob Armstrong

Bullet vs Ron Fuller

Soto vs Stubbs

Wild Bunch vs Rockers & D. Davis

New Studds Stable

Continental Vol.2

S. Armstrong vs Larry Hamilton Jr. Title

Armstrongs vs Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden cageMatch

Adrian Street Video

Flame vs Tommy Rich

Fuller & Golden injure S. Armstrong

Fullers & Golden vs Armstrongs & Dick Slater

Continental Vol.3

Bill Ash vs Roy Lee welchWelch

Roberto Soto vs Flame

Adrian Street vs Brickhouse Brown

Armstrongs vs Studds Bounty Hunters

Nightmares vs Rich's S.E. Tag Titles


Continental Vol.4

Nightmares vs Rich Cousins - SE Tag Titles
Adrian Street vs Norvelle Austin - SE Title Match
Lady Maxine Video
Roberto Soto vs Larry Clarke
Ken Timbs int.
Bullet vs Jimmy Golden - Loser Leaves Town
Recap - Adrian blinds Idol
Roberto Soto vs Roy Lee Welch
Robert Fuller vs Roy Lee Welch
Flame vs Bullet
Roy Lee Welch vs Bill Ash - US JR. Title Match
Roberto Soto vs Bob Johnson
Recap - Flame burns Soto
Adrian Street vs Jimmy Backlund ( Jimmy Del Rey)
Armstrongs - Fuller & Golden Feud Recap