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Here we have the Boxing Career Fights of one of the Greatest
Middleweight Champions in Boxing History Bernard The Executioner
Hopkins. This is the best and most complete Hopkins Career
Collection available. You get 46 Fights plus extra's on 27
Explosive DVD's. These disc come with motion menus, and the best
Quality that exist on the planet. Plus all but 3 Fights in the set
are presented in chronological order. Own this amazing set today
for a very low price. The complete list of Footage is below. Just
in case you have any concerns about how good the quality really is
perhaps this statement will put your mind at ease. I would not
offer you anything that i wouldnt buy myself. I dont offer refunds
but i will gladly replace any defective disc. All Orders are
processed within 72 hours and then shipped USPS First class, or
Priority mail depending on the size of the order. All Orders will
have a tracking number available upon request. Please allow a total
of 7-10 days for items to reach you. thanks for the interest and
let me know if you have any questions.
Disc 1
Hopkins vs. Mercado
Hopkins vs. Mitchell
Hopkins vs. Milton
Hopkins vs. Smith
Hopkins vs. Stokes
Hopkins vs. Powell
Disc 2
Hopkins vs. Baptist
Hopkins vs. Jones Jr.
Disc 3
Hopkins vs. Richie
Hopkins vs. Hall
Hopkins vs. Aquino
Disc 4
Hopkins vs. Mercado I
Hopkins vs. Mercado II
Hopkins vs. Frank
Hopkins vs. Lipsey
Disc 5
Hopkins vs. James
Hopkins vs. Jackson
Disc 6
Hopkins vs. G. Johsnon
Hopkins cs. Council
Hopkins vs. Brown
Disc 7
Hopkins vs. Allen
Hopkins vs. Allen II
Disc 8
Hopkins vs. Echols
Hopkins vs. Vanderpool
Disc 9
Hopkins vs. Echols II
Hopkins vs. K. Holmes
Disc 10
Hopkins vs. Trinidad
Disc 11
Hopkins vs. Daniels
Hopkins vs. Hakkar
Disc 12
Hopkins vs. Joppy
Disc 13
Hopkins vs. Allen III
Disc 14
Hopkins vs. De La Hoya
Disc 15
Hopkins vs. Eastman
Disc 16
Hopkins vs. Taylor I
Disc 17
Countdown to Hopkins vs. Taylor II
Hopkins vs. Taylor II
Disc 18
Countdown to Hopkins vs. Tarver
Hopkins vs. Tarver
Disc 19
Countdown to Hopkins vs. Wright
Hopkins vs. Wright
Disc 20
Countdown to Hopkins vs. Calzaghe
Hopkins vs. Calzaghe
Disc 21
Countdown to Hopkins vs. Pavlik
Hopkins vs. Pavlik
Disc 22
Hopkins vs Ornealas
Disc 23
Countdown to Hopkins-Jones II
Hopkins vs Jones II
Disc 24
Hopkins vs Pascal
Disc 25
Hopkins vs Pascal II
Disc 26
Hopkins vs Sapp
Hopkins vs Wynn
Hopkins vs Shabazz
Disc 27
Hopkins-Jones interview with Larry Merchant (2002)
Hopkins-Tarver Interview with Jim Lampley (2006)
Quite Franky with Hopkins & Tarver Prefight Hype and
Countdown to Hopkins vs Taylor 1
Beyond The Glory