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The PX4 Storm is a perfect for target shooters and airgun enthusiasts. Our customers say that when you add on the co2 cartridge (not included), the PX4 Storm not only shoots, but also looks and feels like the real thing.

Because it shoots pellets or BBs, just pick your ammo and you're on your way! With the 8-shot rotary clips, this repeater ensures that the PX4 Storm will keep up with your trigger finger! Finish one clip and flip the magazine over to release the remaining 8-shots.

You can easily load a 12-gram co2 cartridge in this gun's grip, giving you the ability to release numerous shots before even thinking about a refill. This gun has an accessory rail underneath the barrel. Just like with a handgun, you cock the Beretta Px4 Storm with every slide action, which gives you that feeling of power many other air guns only dream of achieving. After you start, you won't want to stop, make sure you stock up on tons of ammo, co2 cartridges and then just have a blast!