Item Description
Includes 4x32 TriTAC tactical scope, Weaver mount, compensator,
QSB Bipod and hard case. Rock 'n' roll with the Beretta CX4
A replica of the CX4 semi-auto firearm, it really sends the
pellets flying downrange.
 The belt-fed magazine delivers 30 pellets just as fast as
you can pull the trigger. Just fill the mag, pull the cocking bolt,
pop an 88-gram CO2 cartridge into the gun and start shooting!
You'll get over 200 shots from one CO2 fill.
The sights are unusual for an airgun. The front sight is
adjustable for elevation, while the rear sight is adjustable for
 It comes with a long built-in Weaver rail, so you can
quickly mount a scope, red dot sight or laser. A big, bad,
beautiful gun that loves to shoot as much as you do, the CX4 looks
and feels just like the firearm it copies. The smooth, rounded
corners of the synthetic stock won't get hung up on clothing.
 It slides from side to side and easily lifts to the
shoulder. Remember to buy a good supply of pellets, 'cause you'll
go through a tin in one sitting.
Yeah, it's THAT much fun! Firearm lookalike with 4x32 TriTAC
Tactical Scope, Weaver mount, compensator and QSB Bipod.
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