Item Description
Alberto Cavallone's shocking and
perverse exploitation
Fully uncut, Italian audio, full
screen presentation
"Il Nano Erotico" is better known under its English
title "Baby Sitter". It was shot in a villa near Rome, the same one
which can be seen in Joe D'Amato's "Rosso Sangue". Baby sitter is
desperately needed, so a girl is employed by a couple. But the baby
ain't normal baby.The baby is a sex-crazed dwarf, who enjoys raping
his victims with the help of his wife. Outrageously unpleasant
Italian exploitation flick with sleazy dwarf named Petit Loup in a
main role. Enemas and plastic dildos are often used in his sexual
play. Sleazy dwarf even wears one dildo on his forehead. If you
like crazy and perverse Italian exploitation check this one
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