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BEHIND PRISON GATES - 1939. Brian Donlevy. 1930's B' prison thriller. Norman Craig (Donlevy), an undercover operative in the State Attorney's office, poses as "Red" Murray, a dead bank robber and goes to the state prison as a convict. He is after information that will lead to the recovery of the stolen loot hidden by a pair of convicted cop-killers. DVD-R. Fullscreen. In English. 63 minutes. B&W. Quality - 7 out of 10.

HALF ANGEL - 1936. Brian Donlevy, France Dee. Very good 1930's B' crime thriller. Allison Lang(Dee) ,a young lady who has just been acquitted for the murder by poison of her father. Smart-aleck reporter Duffy Giles(Donlevy),the only one who has defied public opinion and proclaimed her innocence.When Allison inquires if he really believes she's guilty,he admits he doesn't know...but she's brought out his protectiveness since he's fallen in love with her. DVD-R. Fullscreen. In English. 65 minutes. B&W. Quality - 7 out of 10.

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