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This is a Bee Vacuum for recovering bees from just
about anywhere.
Just place the hose end near the bee exit and watch
them get sucked into the inner chamber
Made from 1/2" plywood
The inner chamber has a slid out bottom for
transfering bees to a hive
Inner box has a eazy carry handle and will fit right
into a hive body for eazy release
Lockable outer box
Can be used with a 2 1/2" shop vac hose (vac and
hose not included)
Recommend a 1 1/2 hp to 1 3/4 hp vacuum
Rubber seals to insure a tight hose fit
Has a ajustable vent so not to have to much vacuum
(adjust vent so bees are just barly being
sucked up to much will kill the vacuumed bees)
Outer box has a closeable hose outlet so there are
not any excapees