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1 CDR- + 1
Liverpool Empire Theatre 7 Dec. 1963 Off Line Tape Source
01. From Me to You
02. I Saw Her Standing There
03. All My Loving
04. Roll Over Beethoven
05. Boys
06. Till There Was You
07. She Loves You
08. This Boy
09. I Want to Hold Your Hand
10. Money
11. Twist and Shout
12. From Me to You (instrumental)

BBC Archive Video Soundtrack Version
13. I Want to Hold Your Hand
14. Money
15. Twist and Shout
16 From Me to You (instrumental)- Harry Lime
(Third Man Theme)

Prince Of Wales Theatre 4 Nov. 1963
17. From Me to You
18. She Loves You
19. Till There Was You
20. Twist and Shout
21. Dickie Henderson Outro
"It's The Beatles" Liverpool Empire Theatre 7 Dec. 1963
Version 1 BBC-TV archive B-roll Master
01. Introduction
02. Fragment Clips
03. I Want To Hold Your Hand
04. Money
05. Twist & Shout
06. From Me To You (Reprise)
Version 2 Silent Sea 'Live In England' Alternate audio/vdeo
mix, Unknown Source Complete Alternate Edit
07. I Want To Hold Your Hand
08. Money
09. Twist & Shout
10. From Me To You (Reprise)
Version 3 BBC-TV Master 'Beat DVD 10' edited and remastered
11. I Want To Hold Your Hand
12. Money
13. Twist & Shout
14. From Me To You (Reprise)

Bonus Footage 8mm Black & White Silent Film audio
mastered with concert tape.
15. Fragment Clips
MSNBC Film 'Time & Again' with the correct concert audio
16. I Want To Hold Your Hand
Cinesound 'Beatles at the Stadium'
17. I Want To Hold Your Hand
Mid-1980's TV Broadcast
18. Twist & Shout
25 Jahre - German TV Broadcast
19. Newsreel Footage

"Royal Variety Show" Prince Of Wales Theatre 4 Nov. 1963
20. Royal Interview 16 Oct. 1963
Version 1 Anthology Re-Edit
21. From Me To You 22. Till There Was You 23. Twist &
Version 2 Raw Footage w/ Time Code
24. From Me To You 25. She Loves You 26. Till There Was You
27. Twist & Shout
Version 3 Re-Edited & Remastered
28. From Me To You 29. She Loves You 30. Till There Was You
31. Twist & Shout

Bonus Footage
32. Intoroduction
33. Newsreels 4 Nov. 1963 34. She Loves You
(Alternate Source)
35. She Loves You (Audio Remastered)
36. Outroduction - Dickie Henderson