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This is the BEST yet! some much new material and upgrades - sure to satisfy the seasoned collector! Dutch Polygon footage looks close to HD! Most complete Blokker footage! Almost all is new to disc! Most discs look like crap with SOME of this material - and I mean BAD - NOT THIS ONE GUARANTEED or your $$ back - THIS IS THE BEST! 90 mins

1. June 3: ITV News: Abbey Road Studios, London - Jimmy Nicol rehearsal
2. June 4: ITV News: London Airport, Heathrow and Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen, Denmark
3. June 4: Alternate ITV Footage and Denmark News Footage in color, arrival, fans and interview
4. June 4: ITV News: KB Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark  9:30PM
5. June 5: Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherland: Arrival in Holland! Airport arrival, press conference, ride      thru Amsterdam and TV interview at doelen Hotel for VARA-TV- clips from Dutch News, Polygon, Associated Press and Rueters
6. June 5: Rueters Newsreel - alternate arrival footage
7. June 5: German Newsreel - alternate arrival footage
8. June 5: The Beatles in Nederland - In Tres Hillegom
    Filmed at the Cafe resteraunt Treslong, Hillegom - aired on VARA-TV on June 8th 8:30-9:10PM
9. She Loves You
10. All My Loving
11. Twist & Shout
12. Roll Over Beethoven
13. Long Tall Sall sally
14. Can't Buy Me Love
15. June 6: Beatle for sale in Dutch shops - Dutch TV News Footage
       The Boat Ride on the Ansall Canal, Amsterdam - AP, Rueters, Polygon Newsreels
16. The Boat Ride on the Ansall Canal, Amsterdam - Vara TV - with actual audio
17. June 6: Veilinghal op Hoop Van Zegen, Blokker - Polygon
       I Saw Her Standing There
18. June 6: Doelen Hotel, Amsterdam - Polygon Footage
19. June 7: Take Over Holland UK Newsreel
       Beatles in Dutch USA Newsreel
20. June 7: Beatles in Nederland Polygon Dutch Newsreel
21. June 7: Beatles arrive at Heathrow Airport and depart to Hong Kong with Aunt Mimi
ITV News
Pathe News
Rueters Newsreel footage
Australian News footage with Bob Rogers interviews of John, Aunt Mimi and Paul inside plane
22. June 7: Beirut Airport, Berut, Lebanon - Newsreel
23. June 8: Kaitak Airport, Presidential Hotel, Hong Kong - Rueters and Newsreels
       June 9: Princess Theatre, Kowloon
       June 10: Kaitak Airport, Hong Kong - Rueters and Newsreels - off to Australia