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THIRTY DAYS - The Ultimate Get back Collection (17 CD's)



The full set 17 Disc set on one DVD in MP3 format, playable on all DVD players and PC’s!!! So what makes this collection 'Ultimate'?

First off, everything on these 17 discs has been digitally transferred with great care from the master tapes.
They sound better than they ever have before! More than 500 rolls of tape were sifted through, and only the very best and most interesting performances were chosen for inclusion.
 In some cases, performances have been painstakingly reconstructed from as many as three original tape sources.
 Secondly, the dialogue and lengthy stop-and-go rehearsals that sometimes made listening to the 
Get Back sessions a chore have been bypassed, 
with only "takes", serious run-throughs, oldies and the more interesting structured jams being presented.
All the performances that made up the Let It Be album (except for those recorded outside the time frame of the Get Back sessions) can be heard in their original, unadulterated form.
For the very first time the January 30th rooftop concert has been meticulously reconstructed from
ALL existing source material, while the January 31st session that produced "Two of Us", "The Long and Winding Road", and "Let It Be" is presented in a form more complete (and enjoyable!) 
form than ever before.

  In the track listings that follow, each song is cross-referenced to it's entry in 'Get Back". The Unauthorized Chronicle of The Beatles' Let It Be Disaster," the authoritative work on these sessions.
The prefix of each number represents the day in January 1969 on which the song was performed, while the suffix places the song in chronological order within that day.
All tracks that weren't covered in that book have only a day prefix followed by the word "new".
Even a cursory glance at the track listings (especially those from January 22nd to 31st Apple sessions) reveals that an avalanche of new and exciting material is waiting for the listener!
And even if the song is "old", it is most often in better quality or more complete than it was on any previous issue.
You can also see that in some places the authors of Get Back were incorrect with their dates and performance placement, so the correct information is presented here.
So hit "play" and enjoy the 

"Get Back Sessions"
like never before. 
All the takes, all the dialogue 
and most importantly..
All The Music
  Tracklistings here: