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Benefits of Gingko
Ginkgo extract may have effects on the human body: it improves blood flow and protects against oxidative cell damage. Ginkgo has been used to improve the heart and lungs functionality, and to treat coughs, asthma, and acute allergic inflammations.  Other than a mainly benefit of memory and concentration enhancer, it also has some other medical properties as follows:-

1. Reduce Dementia and Alzheimer's disease by improve blood flow to the brain and its antioxidant properties. Some researchers told that it has improvement benefits of
- Thinking, learning, and memory (cognitive function)
- Social behavior
- Activities of daily living
- Fewer feelings of depression
- Delay dementia symptoms
2. Preserve eye vision and relieve eye problems of elder person

3. Reduce a pain from inadequate blood flow to legs (Intermittent Claudication)

4. Enhance memory and cognitive performance

5. Tinnitus sound of ears problem
Benefits of Garcinia
-         Good for weight management.
-         Restrains appetite that will cause body weight control
-         Control body fat accumulation and increase energy.
-         Helps an oxidation of lipids and spares carbohydrates.
-         Slow down a conversion of excess carbohydrates into fat.
-         Lower the formation of LDL and triglycerides.
-         Protect against Gastric ulcers, lipids, body fat and cholesterol.
-         Can be used as a heart tonic.
Green tea has high levels of polyphenol and other antioxidants that are preventing blood platelets from sticking together and improving cholesterol levels. Some research founded that Green tea may prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. It is also helpful for atherosclerosis, LDL cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, weight loss, neurodegenerative diseases, and even halitosis.

Be-fit pink collagen Q10 Ginkgo brain anti-aging wrinkle skin slimming supplement
For body fit and slim, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin

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Collagen Q10 Ginkgo Capsules – Be fit pink brand
How to use
1 time daily at bedtime
Take 2 capsules each time
500 mg of Marine protein (150mg), Ginkgo(35mg), Garcinia(100mg), Collagen(75mg), Green Tea(20mg), White tea(35mg), Carrot(25mg), Tomato(20mg),Maritime Pine(15mg), Grapes(15mg), and Coenzyme Q10(10mg) 
Brand new & Never used with a seal pack
60 capsules per bottle

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Boost up your skin healthy and youthful with Pink Be-fit with collagen Q10, Garcinia, Ginkgo, Maritime pine, and more. . It cures your skin for firming and enhance natural CoEnzyme Q10 that loss when you are older. It has Thailand FDA no. 11-1-08646-1-0025. This product is very popular among ladies. It does not only help delaying wrinkle skin but also makes it fit and firm. Many customers from AU, EU , US , China , Singapore , and Malaysia are in love with this product.

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