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IRISH HISTORY DVDBATTLE OF THE BOGSIDE50mins Running TimeFrom 1921 the N. Ireland government had been ruled by Unionists, after years of political grievances and what they saw as inadequate housing and living conditions, the Catholic population of Derry began to take to the streets in civil rights marches. The marches and protests caused great suspicion among the Unionist community and subsequently led to violence. As the violence continued huge mistrust and fear of the RUC grew among the Catholic community. Barricades sprung up and the Bogside was known to locals as Free Derry.Tension was high in August 1969 when an Apprentice Boys parade was due to pass through the city. The parade went ahead as usual but a confrontation with Catholic youths and RUC officers was to lead to an unprecedented step by the British PM Harold Wilson to deploy British Troops on to the streets of N. Ireland.The Battle of the Bogside lasted nearly 3 days with over 1000 injured. CS gas was used for the first time by a Uk police force against civilians.This is the story told using previously unseen archive footage from the time and first hand accounts from the people who were there. Hear from residents how they turned the local mill into a petrol-bomb making factory run by women who supplied the rioters with thousands of these. RUC officers tell their stories as they were bombarded with bricks, bottles, petrol bombs and other missiles from the roof tops of flats. There is also first hand accounts from Lord Callaghan the British Home secretary 1967, Gregory Campbell, Apprentice Boys, Local defence committee activists, Ivan Cooper, Bernadette McAliskey and other MPs, giving a balanced view point. No Go: Free Derry55mins Running TimeThis is a continuation from where the previous program left off. When the British Troops arrived on the streets they were welcomed by the Bogside residents who saw this move as a victory over the police force. The barricades remained in place and an agreement was made by the Derry Defence committee and the British army that the barricades were not to be breached. The Bogside had now become a No Go area for British personnel. Again this program is full of real footage from the time and gives a balanced view with representatives from all sides having their say. This material is for reference and educational purposes and under no circumstances does it promote, support or glorify any illegal organisation in any way, nor does it promote, support or glorify hatred, violence or racial intolerance in any way.Teachers, students, ex patriots, historians, researchers or anyone else interested in Ireland or Irish history will find this DVD very useful.DVD WILL BE DELIVERED IN PLAIN SLEEVE WITH NO ARTWORK