Item Description

this is for the complete series.these are the best prints i have found.and take knote these also come cased and sleeved i do not send out my sets in will not get a better buy. trust me nothink else touches this set . if you have any questons. please email me if you are not sure.before you buy this set. it will either come in a purple / yellow / red case. all according to what stock i have them in . comes cased and sleeved.and comes with menu and chapter search .and they are all in order from episode 1-120. 10 disc set.and is in. inglish spoken only ... dvd box set. and under ebay policys it is so noted that these are all in the publick domain comes complete with chapter and menu search.paypal only. if you have any problems with your order. please email me so it can be sorted out. do not leave negartive feedback .