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Barry's album "Man ilow" from 1985 in considered one of his greatest, and it is one of his rarest as well. His only album on the RCA label, "Man ilow" was Barry's first pop studio album in four years, and features such explosive songs as "In Search of Love," "It's A Long Way Up" and "I'm Your Man." When he sang "I was good then, but now I'm even better," he meant it! This is an incredible collection of footage taken from that amazing era in BARRY history! . In Search of Love promo 85 Solid Gold 85 (He Doesn't Care But I Do, It's A Long Way Up) Jap. TV 85 (In Search of Love with Hadeki Saijo, It's All Behind Us Now) VH-1 85 Radio City Music Hall concert contest commercial Tonight Show 85 (In Search of Love, Some Sweet Day, Sweet Heaven) VH-1 85 Radio City Music Hall contest winner commercial Miss Mexico 86 (I'm Your Man, Aye Carumba, Some Sweet Day) (cuts off on very last note of Some Sweet Day) Copacabana movie TV trailer 85 Joan Rivers Show BBC (Sweet Heaven) (taped off tv screen but nice) El Domingo 86 (Copacabana, Mandy, Some Sweet Day, Barry sings mostly in foreign language, and oddly enters the arena through the crowd where he is rushed, very dangerous!) ET 85 Copacabana movie coverage with great '85 live footage Spanish TV interview 85 (beginning is missing, but includes all three promos for the "Manilow" album which are In Search of Love, He Doesn't Care But I Do, and I'm Your Man remix) Region Free - NTSC Format - PC Friendly - Case Box - Cover Artwork - Track Listing - Discs Labeled.Shipping Cost : $10 to USA $ 10 to Others Countries. Payment Method : PAYPAL & CREDIT CARDS BUYERS WILL RECEIVE SECURE CHECKOUT LINK TO PAY WITH PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD.