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2012 New Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Racquet Rafael Nadal Best
Brand Babolat Tennis Racquet For Tennis sports Babolat, Babolat is
a France-based tennis, badminton, and squash equipment company,
best known for its strings and tennis racquets which are used by
several top players. By adding the newest technologies, the babolat
tennis racquets are featuring the best quality. Aero Modular
Technology: Thinner width at the upper section of the raquet
provides increased power, standard width midsection provides
stability and a wider base provides more stiffness for increased
control and a faster swing. Woofer Technology: Provides better
comfort and control. The first and most efficient system which
makes the frame and strings interact when striking the ball
creating 25% longer ball/string contact. Cortex System: The Cortex
System is a revolutionary active technology between the throat and
handle of the racquet. With this new technology, the two parts of
the racquet are linked by an interface in CDS (Cortex Dampening
System) material. This technology allows the filtering of the
different vibratory modes. It eliminates unnecessary vibrations and
enhances the feel of the ball. "Enjoy the pure feel This Racquet
comes with strings of default tension 56 lb. Specifications
Unstrung Weight: 300g Grip Size: 4 1/4 , 4 3/8 (Please specify when
making a payment) Headsize: 100 in.² (mid plus) Length:
27 Inches Frame:22-26mm Tension: 58
lbs(currently strung with 16 gauge synthetic gut)
Material:High Modulus
Graphite+Graphite/Tungsten Composition Mains skip: 8T,8H Two Piece
No shared holes String Pattern: 16M x 19C Pull Pounds: 50-60 pounds
Strength: Low-Medium Swing speed: Fast Balance Point: 320mm/7pts HL
Swing Speed: 300 Hardness: 72
2012 Nadal Babolat Aeropro Driv