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Babe Ruth "The Called Shot" Collector's Plate - Basetball

BABE RUTH: The Called Shot

First Collector's Plate In
The Legends Of Baseball

Delphi/Bradford Exchange, 1992

Artist: Brent Benger

Enclosed In Original
Styrofoam Case


Certificate Of Autheticity
History Sheet

Promotional Baseball Card

This Is A Great Item For Any Fan Or Collector

Facts about the Plate:
  • FIRST issue in The Legends of Baseball collection from Delphi.

  • Plate is decorated with a 22-karat gold border, in brilliant, realistic color on fine porcelain.

  • The edition is limited to 150 firing days.

  • Bradford Exchange Bradex number 84-D19-19.1

  • Plate number 3200G.

  • Diameter approximately 8 1/4".

  • Copyright 1992 by Delphi, Family of Babe Ruth, Babe Ruth Baseball League, Inc., and Curtis Management Group.

  • Enclosed in styrofoam case.


  • Fine-Mint Condition.

  • Styrofoam case has "Babe Ruth Plate "penned in red on side.

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Front & Back Of Plate

Front & Back Of Certificate Of Authenticity

History Sheet Page 1

History Sheet Page 2

History Sheet Page 3

History Sheet Page 4

Front & Back Of Baseball Promo Card