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ITEM: Vintage Cigarette coupon ,  Old Vintage Cigarette coupon.

B & W coupons from Brown & Williamson Tobacco corporation. Offered with packs of Raleigh and Belair cigarettes. .  Enjoy. Peg.

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TERMS & POLICIES: Please ask all questions and express any concerns before bidding. I usually know nothing more than I have written in the description. As with most of the items we sell, these were  purchased at an Estate sale, this is a one time listing... unless I can find another.... somewhere.    We will honor returns if we have made a mistake or in anyway misrepresented the item.  Your satisfaction is very important to us.   We Leave automatic feedback but only after receiving feedback. A s you know, ebay policies leaves sellers no choice but to report and block buyers that misuse the feedback system.  Before leaving any feedback other than positive be sure to contact us and give us a chance to work something out. 

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From collectibles to electronics, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay Stores