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Mind Spa- Personal Development System

Mindspa stress management therapy is the cutting edge in stress reduction. Mind spa is the result of nearly two decades of dedicated experience in a proven technology. Mindspa utilizes specifically tuned frequencies of light and gentle sound to shift the mind into one of two major states depending upon desired outcome: either a deeply relaxed state, or a state of cognitive stimulation. When introduced correctly, light and sound has a profound effect on our ability to function effectively.

Mindspa is very easy to use requiring a minimum of time and effort. Mindspa auditory and visual programs range in length from 10 to 40 minutes. These light and sound programs of this stress treatment are typically used in a quiet place with eyes closed three or more times per week. Daily use of this spa treatment is fine too! MindSpa - Effective Stress Reduction - Help with focus and attention issues.

The principal behind mindspa is simple to understand and yet very effective. This fatigue treatment has been known for decades that by introducing specific frequencies of light and sound, the mind will attune to these frequencies. This is known as frequency following response. Two common natural examples are the flickering of small fires and candles and the sound of ocean waves. Mindspa has taken this knowledge to a sophisticated level of understanding and science. For stress reduction, Mind spa stress treatment utilizes the natural ability of the mind to attune to external input, training it to enter the deep relaxation state, commonly referred to as the alpha state. This depression therapy typically requires a minimum of about 20 minutes per session to receive the full benefit of this state. Repeating on a regular basis will provide optimal results and benefits.

* 18 professionally tested pre-loaded sessions for sleep, relaxation, performance enhancement and circadian clock balance
* Memory capacity: store up to 30 additional sessions in memory with dozens of free downloadable sessions from manufacturer's website
* Using it is easy! MindSpa is very calming experience. Rest and relaxation in minutes is made simple
* AudioStrobe decoder built in
* External auditory input capability
* Backlit LCD panel
* Custom padded carrying case
* CrystalWhite™ broad spectrum and CalmBlue 12-LED Multi-Purpose Eyesets™
* PC compatible via USB cable (currently not compatible with Vista or Mac)

Technical Specs:
* Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.75" x 1.2"
* Opeartion: 4 "AAA" Batteries
* 1 Year Limited Warranty

What's Included:
* Microprocessor-Based Programmable Control Unit with 18 Programs
* Built-in AudioStrobe Decoder
* High-Response Audio Earphones
* One set EACH of MindSpa's CrystalWhite™ Broad Spectrum and CalmBlue Multi-Purpose Glasses
* Custom Carrying Case
* Audio Patch Cord
* USB Cable
* Updated and Expanded Instruction and Use Guide

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