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Title : Avatar - The Legend Of Korra
Episodes : 1-12End
Language : Original English Language

Subtitle : English /Chinese /Malay(Optional)

Number Of Disc : 1 X DVD

Disc format : NTSC Format

Region Code : Region free

Interactive menu : On
Synopsis :
The series opens with a montage introducing Korra as the Avatar and showing that she has mastered every element except airbending. It is then revealed that due to problems in Republic City, Tenzin will not be able to move to the Southern Water Tribe and teach Korra airbending. As a result, Korra sneaks out and runs away to Republic City so that Tenzin can train her there. Once there, Korra clashes with police chief Lin Beifong (the daughter of Toph Beifong from the original series) after dispensing vigilante justice to the local triads. Shortly thereafter, the two main antagonists of the season are introduced: the Equalists, an underground activist movement; and Tarrlok, an ambitious politician. The Equalists are non-benders led by the mysterious masked man, Amon. Their goal is to bring about "equality" between benders and non-benders. Councilman Tarrlok believes in aggressive tactics for bringing the Equalists to justice, despite protests from his pacifist colleague Tenzin, Korra's airbending trainer. As Korra explores Republic City, she meets the brothers Mako and Bolin and joins their pro-bending team, the "Fire Ferrets". They are successful in the league, but romantic tensions among them and Asami, Mako's girlfriend, put a strain on their relationship.

As the story progresses, Korra discovers that Amon has the power to remove a person's bending ability. Tarrlok cajoles Korra to join his anti-Equalist "task force", and the Equalists begin using terrorist tactics, climaxing in an attack on the pro-bending arena, where Amon strips the winning team of their bending. But when Tarrlok continues indiscriminately repressing non-benders, Korra refuses to continue supporting him. After Tarrlok imprisons her friends to blackmail her, they fight. Tarrlok overpowers Korra with bloodbending, an illegal form of waterbending, and kidnaps her, framing the Equalists. Tenzin, Lin, and Korra's friends eventually discover that Tarrlok is lying, but as they do Amon arrives at Tarrlok's hideout and removes Tarrlok's bending. Korra escapes, only to find Republic City facing an Equalist military coup.
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