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Author's Playhouse on one Mp3 CD.  Contains 76 episodes.

This disc will not play in regular CD players.  Your player must be able to play Mp3 format.  This disc is ready to upload onto your portable Mp3 device, play in your Mp3 compatible car stereo, or wherever you play your Mp3's. 

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Show Episodes

At Midnight on the 31st of Mar 29:15
Authors' Playhouse 41-03-06 Elementals 27:28
Authors' Playhouse 41-12-21 Christmas by Injunction 29:10
Authors' Playhouse 42-08-16 Sam Small's Better Half 27:35
Authors' Playhouse 42-10-05 Flight to Aras 27:53
Authors' Playhouse 43-01-06 Off Tokyo Bay 28:38
Authors' Playhouse 43-03-31 At Midnight on the 31se of March 29:15
Authors' Playhouse 43-04-21 Dan Peters and Casey Jones 29:33
Authors' Playhouse 43-08-25 Widow of Wasdale's Place 28:12
Authors' Playhouse 43-10-13 A Promise to Mark 28:19
Authors' Playhouse 44-06-16 Command Performance 29:02
Authors' Playhouse 44-07-08 The Kracken 29:10
Authors' Playhouse 44-07-14 The Mysterious Stranger 28:03
Authors' Playhouse 44-07-15 The Man Who Woke Up Famous 29:06
Authors' Playhouse 44-07-21 Bad Dreams 28:25
Authors' Playhouse 44-07-22 Johnny Cartwright's Camera 27:32
Authors' Playhouse 44-07-28 Two of a Kind 28:10
Authors' Playhouse 44-07-29 A Miracle in the Rain 28:53
Authors' Playhouse 44-08-04 Minstrels of the Mist 28:54
Authors' Playhouse 44-08-11 The Old Gordon Place 29:05
Authors' Playhouse 44-08-18 Woman's Work 29:22
Authors' Playhouse 44-08-25 The Widow of Wadsdale Head 23:08
Authors' Playhouse 44-09-01 The Soul of the Great Bell 28:44
Authors' Playhouse 44-09-15 Southern Exposure 28:57
Authors' Playhouse 44-09-22 Cry of the Hunted 30:16
Authors' Playhouse 44-10-16 Country of the Blind 25:12
Authors' Playhouse 44-10-30 Expense Account 23:23
Authors' Playhouse 44-11-13 The Long Way 'Round 24:16
Authors' Playhouse 44-11-20 A Call for Mr Garrett 24:00
Authors' Playhouse 44-12-04 The Inexperienced Ghost 28:00
Authors' Playhouse 44-12-11 The Pied Piper of Hamlin 26:36
Authors' Playhouse 45-01-15 There's Money on Poetry 28:20
Authors' Playhouse 45-01-22 Blood Will Tell 28:23
Authors' Playhouse 45-02-19 High Air 28:44
Authors' Playhouse 45-03-12 The Woman at Swven Brothes 29:07
Authors' Playhouse 45-04-23 Forever Walking Free 28:49
Authors' Playhouse 45-05-14 Reunion 28:45
Authors' Playhouse 45-05-21 My Friend Merton 28:48
Bad Dream 28:08
Blood Will Tell 28:23
A Call for Mr. Garrett 24:00
Christmas By Injunction 29:18
Command Performance 29:02
Country of the Blind 25:13
Cry of the Hunted 30:16
Dan Peters and Casey Jones 29:33
Elementals 27:28
Expense Account 23:23
Flight to Aras 27:53
Forever Walking Free 28:49
High Air 28:44
The Inexperienced Ghost 28:00
Johnny Cartwright's Camera 27:32
The Kracken 29:10
Light to Darkness 28:59
Long Way 'Round 23:51
The Man Who Woke up Famous 29:06
Minstrel of the Mist 28:54
Minstrels of the Mist 28:20
A Miracle in the Rain 28:53
My Friend Merton 28:48
The Mysterious Stranger 28:03
Off Tokyo Bay 28:38
The Old Gordon Place 29:05
The Pied Piper of Hamlin 26:36
A Promise to Mark 28:19
Reunion 28:45
Sam Small's Better Half 27:35
The Soul of the Great Bell 28:44
Southern Exposure 28:57
There's Money in Poetry 28:20
Two of a Kind 28:10
The Widow of Wadsdale Head 23:08
Widow Of Wasdales Place 28:12
Woman's Work 29:22
The Woman at Seven Brothers 29:07

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