Item Description
THIS ITEM IS GOING TO BE DISCONTINUED. GET YOURS WHILE THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE. This item is VERY well made and worth much more than it actually sells for. It has a well made outside box as well as the box itself. Wonderful for keeping your charms in, even if they are not Pandora brand.

If you live in USA, buy an inexpensive charm [OR item#566293952 ] and I can contact you and give you a better prices on most anything I have here for sale. Once you buy something I will get your contact info and we can commun i Kate. Thanks.

Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
**INTERNATIONAL: I am currently using UPS shippers. To give you a proper shipping quote please include: Your City, Country and postal Code**
Authentic Pandora 3 Tier Jewelry box, suitable for travel. It's wonderful to separate all your charms and bracelets. I use mine to keep all my charms separated in and all are in the same place. Not only for Pandora, but for anything. the top layer has 3 places for your bracelets. Its...really wonderful.


This is an Authentic Pandora Product. It comes packaged in a Cocoa Brown Box that has been specially made to ship it in. The front of the box drops down to make it easier to take the Jewelry Box out. This is a streamline box, especially made not to take up a lot of room and yet is perfect for what it is intended.

Keep in mind the size and weight determines the shipping fee. Other items can be shipped within for FREE. The shipping fees for this will cover the ship fees for some of the charms. Send in Charm offers and remind me...offer me less and I will give it consideration.

INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES: Because of the weight, this item will NOT ship INTERNATIONAL, unless you are willing to pay the shipping fee. Please send the City and Postal Code of the country you live in, so I can look up how much it will cost to ship there.