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Double die Cent
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Authentic looking specimen of a rare double die 1955 cent, will fool almost anyone. Great way to fill in your collection with this inexpensive coin. Replica coin. You'll not be disappointed with quality. This coin is MS grade. Items like this sell on feeBay for lots more. Here's your chance to get a nice specimen at a reasonable cost. Will ship international for the same low price. Shipping is included in the price, free shipping worldwide. Returns are accepted within 14 days. Thanks for looking!

A doubled die coin is a coin that was struck from a die that had a partial or full doubled image on it. The doubling comes from mistakes in the die hubbing process, where more than one image is transferred from the hub to the coin die. The 1955 doubled die Lincoln Cent (see photo) is the classic example of a doubled die, and sparked the start of the error coin collecting hobby in the U.S. Although no other doubled die types exhibiting the remarkable degree of doubling seen on the 1955 cent have emerged from the U.S. Mint, noteworthy doubling has also been found on 1972 and 1995 Lincoln Cents.