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Authentic looking specimen of a 1793 Large (Wreath) Cent, will fool almost anyone. Great way to fill in your collection with this inexpensive coin or use them as decoys in lieu of real ones. Replica coin. You'll not be disappointed with quality. Items like this sell on feeBay for lots more. Here's your chance to get a nice specimen at a reasonable cost. Coin is uncirculated with slight toning around the edges to make them appear more authentic. returns are accepted within 14 days. Shipping is free. Thanks for looking.

Fewer than 2,000 of these expensive pennies survive to this day. Five varieties of the Chain cent were minted before its discontinuation. After Dr. William H. Sheldon, author of Penny Whimsy, these varieties are referred to as Sheldon 1-4 and NC-1. Designated as non-collectible, NC-1 is the rarest of these varieties; only four are known to exist today. With an estimated value of $275,000, NC-1 is not only the rarest, but also the most expensive penny.