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This cut of the film is not all that different to the original, but it has a few new scenes, and a few extended scenes. It starts out a different way, with some footage we barely get to see because of the bad quality and the fact that it cuts to a new scene right after. It's like one of those old VHS tapes that you've used over and over again. We then get to a scene where Crusty is messing around with two girls that might have been the girls from the puking scene that can be seen later in the movie (both cut's of it). This isn't a long scene at all, before you know it, it cuts to a scene that you also can find on the Mordum DVD as a deleted scene called "Lick my pubes". It starts off with Maggot and Crusty pretending to have sex, only Crusty is the guy. Another difference here is that we don't see the scene from the original where Fred's character finds Crusty and Maggot having sex, and also not the house scene where they find the dead junkie. I don't want to make this a scene-by-scene review, but I can say that most scenes in Maggot's Cut can be found on the August Underground's Mordum DVD's extra material.

It is interesting for a fan like me to see this version of the film, but I don't think it's necessary for everyone to actually watch them both since there is so many things that are the same. I prefer Fred's Cut, just because it feels more complete and thought-out. If I were to sum this version up, I think I would say that it has more incest and it's a little more repulsive, mostly because Maggot is the most repulsive character put on film.