Item Description
This is the perfect Travel/Carry case you can own for your Atmos Vapes.
***Please pick your color upon order - BLACK - BLUE - GRAY - RED***

RYOT Hardshell is the ultimate in protection and transportation
for you special goodies.
The shell holds the battey unit and the herb chamber with mouthpiece or the battery unit and cartomizers perfectly in the 2 sewn holsters, it also has a removeable mini pouch for dry goods and 2 hidden wallet pockets.
All American made full functioning protection with style.

4 color options
***Please pick your color upon order - BLACK - BLUE - GRAY - RED***
4.75”x2.75”x1”. Molded shell for heavy duty protection
Water/smell resistant zipper
Removable hi tech freshness pod with zipper closure
Elastic storage loop to secure your mouthpiece or cartomizer
Stretch gusseted pocket perfect for the battery body
Includes one metal poker tool and one book of RYOT 1 1/4" Premium Light Hemp Rolling Papers

By purchasing this product you agree that you are (1) AT
LEAST 18 years of age (2) Recognize that these pipes are intended
for tobacco use only or display purposes (3) You have reviewed
your local laws regarding these tobacco related products.

If you dont understand the 3 terms above please do not purchase.

If necessary please be prepared to prove any of these terms